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  1. Hi everyone,
    So I have been studying for the NCLEX RN for 2 months. The first month I reviewed all the HURST Review, and the second month I reviewed more content and have been doing questions for the last two+ weeks. I am overwhelmed and so done with studying right now, and my school did not get my paper work in correctly so it has delayed my process to get my ATT and taking this exam. At this point, I would not say I am burnt out but more just tired of studying and just want to take this exam already. I have anxiety here adn there just thinking when this exam is going to come and will I pass.. I know every nursing student (for the most part goes threw this same thing) and I would love some input on what I should do from here on out to keep myself focused before i take the NCLEX-RN... I do feel confident that I know a good deal of content and how to answer questions to be okay for this exam.. and I did pass my EXIT Heissi exam which gives me a little hope that I will be okay. At this point, I am just tired adn would love some input from anyone.. PLEASE.
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  3. by   stephdRN
    Just from what you have been saying it seems that you have done a lot of preparation for the NCLEX. I didn't take mine until SEVEN months after graduating so I was terrified when the day finally came because I felt as if I lost some info during the months. I did kind of like what you did, 2 months prior I did a TON of review on just about every single topic but of course it never seems like enough, ever! Then the last month prior I cut down on the review a little and focused on NCLEX style question from books and CD-ROMs. Specifically Davis book and Exam Cram. I was averaging 70% on all of the tests and practice questions so I was feeling really down about that as well. I just went in to take the test anyway hoping it was enough and it was because I passed! Shut down at 103 questions so idk how good that is. The only advice I can give about feeling burnt out and sick of studying (like you should) is to keep on pushing!! I know I know, easier said than done. But trust me every single day for 4+ hours is totally worth it when you see that four lettered word "pass". Then its over! Passing the exit exam is also a really good sign as well! It's truly almost over! Don't give up!
  4. by   diamond_girl
    Just keep swimming.

    It will be over before you know it. Sounds like you are good on reviewing content. I would focus on just answering questions. Make sure to practice SATA. Google nclex 3500, they have a section that allows you to practice only alternative type questions.

    Make sure you do Hurst's Infection Control exercise and read over the other IC handouts. That really helped me on my test.

    Hang in there. Just think this is the last test you will have to study for, and it will be a huge relief once it's over. You can do it.