Why does California have no pearsonvue quick results?

  1. I think it is bad..All the board of Nursing has to do is fill out some paperwork but they dont do it..It is a diservice to the people waiting for their results.
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Sorry, but they are quite appropriate. They permit a student to take the exam before they weven receive the transcripts from the school.

    The LVN Board is even nicer, they do not make you pay for your license if you do not pass the exam, all of the other states make you do so.

    Sorry, but you knew this before you took the exam, and shoukd have known it back when you started your program.

    For the LVN, it is approximately one month until you have your license.

    And only about 1/2 of the states actually participate in the Quick Results program, CA is far from not being the only one.