Why do you think you failed the NCLEX?

  1. Just wondering, why some of you have failed the NCLEX? Is it because you did not study enough, or you did not take a review course and you should of, or you feel your nursing school did not prepare you, or you had major events going on in your life at the time, or you waited too long to sit for the boards or you sat too early for the boards??
    Just wondering...feedback would be appreciated and maybe ease my mind because I am super nervous to take the NCLEX in June and I actually get very worried I will fail and my mind starts racing. :uhoh21:
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  3. by   jessi.rn
    i failed because i did not study enough and I also a foreign trained RN my school was very different to the way they teach in the usa. I should have taken a refresher or just polished up on patient care ( which i have done now) I needed to practise critical thinking technique and now I think I have mastered that too and I feel alot more confident.......the only postive i had when i took the nclex is that i gained knowledge as to how questions were worded, and level of difficulty. am retaking in 2 days. wish me luck and pray.
  4. by   ashley_michelle
    I failed because I didn't trust myself! Have confidence. If you got through school, you can pass this test! I was also graduating, moving out, getting married, starting a new job..

    But I think my biggest thing was just not having any confidence that I CAN pass! Trust yourself. Do lots of questions.. and do absolutely NOTHING the night before!

    .. the second time around.. I didn't study the material. I did about 80-100 questions per day when I could.. tried to gain some confidence and started trusting my instinct when I would do the practice questions. I reviewed all my answers (wrong or right ) and tried not to second guess my answers.

    Good luck!
  5. by   wdiehl
    i think i failed the nclex because i ran out of time. i dont know my results yet but as i look back it wasnt that bad but i ran out or time so who knows how bad it could've been. so if i go around saying well the ? i had were ok and i fail that will suck because if i have to take it again im worried that it wont be as kind to me and on the other hand i feel theres no way u could've gotten most of them right but maybe i did i really dont know at this point im just preparing myself its not that i dont have confidence i just dont want to set myself up for failure i rather see it coming and be prepared and if i pass i will be pleasantly surprised. i believe in prayer but at the end it is what it is and i believe that there is a plan for me and everything happens for a reason even if i dont believe it or understand it. good luck to all who are awaiting there results. www
  6. by   jls1117
    i think i failed because i wasnt ready enough. i got so tensed while taking the test and i really think that i blanked out on the very first question. as i went through taking the test all i could think of was finishing it right away and i think i didnt really pay attention to the questions. also, another factor, i wasnt prepared physically. i got this bad headache the night before cant really sleep and did not eat that much. also i think coz i was with someone, a friend of mine, we went there together, and we have to leave together coz we took one car..she was next to me in the test center and i heard her leave early..2 hours earlier than me..so i got kinda worried coz shes waiting for me... so i just rushed everything..and got a lil overconfident that i cant get a lot of the questions wrong now coz i got up to 265!!!
  7. by   lvnstar25
    I Failed Because I Had So Much Going On At The Time..my Job Was Stressing Me Out..i Didnt Study Hardly Any Material.just Few Questions Here And There..i Really Wasnt Good When It Came To Meds!i Forgot Alot Of My Basics..i Had Just Begun A New Relationship And It Was Stressful!!so Of Course I Had Family Problems Piled Up On Myself And I Lacked Confidence To The 3rd Degree!! I Was Listening To What Everyone Saying About The Test And Especially About Going Over 85 Questions That U Failed! Then I Got To Question 86 And Was Like Oh My God Im Not Doing Good..i Freaked Out I Started Havin Palpitations!!i Couldnt Think Clearly.i Start Suffering From Anxiety!! So In My Opinion I Began To Study Everyday..have Extra Confidence In Myself!! Dont Stress At All! I Retake The Test In 3weeks..so At The Beggining Of May Sometime! And I Cant End This Without Saying Pray To A Higher Authority Mine Was God...meditate As Much As U Can...have Faith And Believe In Yourself..after All You Passed The Sdchooling!!
  8. by   zm259
    i think i didnt pass , coz i didnt study enough as i should have . didnt believe im my self , didnt even pray enough. they say u have to see your self making it . i was all over the textbook, when i was taking the test, i did not take not break, when i pass 75 questions and it kept giving me questions i started to panic, i have never feel my heart beating that fast, my stomach was cold, i ran out of time and that was it.

    now im trying to be more organized. and study hard , and mostly pray and trust God. i believe i can do it .
    and for all of us who are in this boat i want to let u all know .God is Alfa and Omega. He didnt bring us this far to leave us .
    Lets keep studying hard , will make it .