Where to take the NCLEX

  1. My concern is not actually about the test itself. I go to school in the state where I grew up, but I plan to move to another state shortly after graduation. Would it be in my best interest to take the NCLEX in my current state before moving or should I take it in the state where I actually plan to work? I was told that you have to always maintain your license in the state where you were originally licensed. Is it very difficult to maintain a license in two states? I really have no idea how it all works and I need advice from someone that has been in a similar situation. Thanks for any guidance
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  3. by   caliotter3
    If you know for certain that you will be moving and working in a new state, for convenience sake, I would just take the test in the new state based on an application for licensure in that state. You can always endorse your license elsewhere in the future if you move. You will have no immediate need for two licenses, so not necessary to obtain two initially. You can always maintain mulitiple licenses down the road if you do a lot of moving around. Just a matter of paying fees and keeping up CEUs with each state.
  4. by   TheCommuter
    I was born and raised in California, and that's where I attended school, but I took NCLEX in Texas (my current state of residence). I've allowed my California license to lapse since I will not pay to maintain a license which I am not using. I applied for licensure by endorsement in Oklahoma with the delinquent California license, and was still issued an Oklahoma license.

    NCLEX can be taken anywhere it is offered.