What to do?

  1. What do you do after taking New York NCLEX Exam three time and not pass even after taking kaplan twice in combination with saunders and giving it your best and the outcome is still the same. How many times can you take the test and how long do you have to wait before you can retake the test after three attempts. God, this is sad, painful and embarassing. Somebody please tell me that there is hope and the angels are out there guiding my footsteps along with others like me. Lord where are you, I need you more now than ever. This is killing me.
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  3. by   PEBBLES1
    I am so sorry to hear this but, their is hope and that you will pass. The 1st thing to do is contact your state board of nursing and find out how long do you have to wait. The key is to do tons of questions, but you must read all the rationales, even if you get the question correct still read why. You know the content, maybe you have a problem with test taking skills. When I prepared for the boards, I found it more helpful to know the content, because the test taking skills did not help me. Here is what I did to prepare, I made my own nclex book. I would write down the important parts of a question like the signs, symptoms and interventions. So in addition to doing questions I would study that book, so no matter how they phrase the question, I still knew what they was asking. Please don't give up, you got through the hard part which is school. God is listening and he hear your request and he will answer you, just in his own time. If you need any support and help with how to prepare please send me a pm and I will give as much support as I can. Take care you will get through this. Also check this site you will see people have failed the boards more times than you and they passed and so will you. Good luck
  4. by   MayBoo
    I do not know if you took the RN or LVN, but check with the pamplet that came with your application, it should explain how often you can take it and how many times.

    There is always hope. Give yourself a little break, breath and start again.

    Get on a schedule. Go over at least one hundred questions per day, and read the rationals on all questions. I used Sanders, it was helpful. Also, a very very helpful book is the Kaplan book on how to test for NCLEX. This book will teach you how to work through the test. I also used Feuer tapes. I listened to them every time I was in the car and sometimes right before I went to bed.

    Keep trying and pray. God Bless you, Be proud that you are trying and working toward your dream.
  5. by   hdabre
    please hang in there. God time is the best time. i know how your are feeling because i took my test may 4 and i am feeling so depress right now but i know i know God time is the best time. let just keep each other in prayers. if you need to talk to someone you can pm me.
  6. by   caliotter3
    Criteria for retake remain the same as the other times. Get yourself together, plan your study before your next test date. Study as if you had never tested before. Continue to do as many questions as possible and study the rationales. As long as you continue to try, you will be successful. You won't fail unless you quit trying. Good luck.
  7. by   spalata
    of course that there is hope....if you are testing for NY,you can take the test as many times as you need.Call them and they will tell you.....But I hope that it wont take you lots of times to pass.....Good luck.....
  8. by   kind-hearted08
    Hang in there you will pass, whatever you do just don't give up. Just continue to pray. I know that we don't always understand God's decisions but they work out in our favor in the end. Give yourself a 2 week break and then start back to study again. Focus on your weak areas and don't do over 100 questions a day and be sure to read ALL the rationales. You can and will do it!!!!