What scores are you getting before you take NCLEX??

  1. Like lots of others ... I 've not posted a lot but this board has been a lifesaver for me many, many times. Knowing that so many others are going through and facing the same things is very comforting.

    I need advice ... I've been studying for NCLEX-RN nearly 4 weeks now. I received my ATT and set my date for the 1st of October. I am now starting to feel sick each time I think about it coming closer and closer. I'm afraid I will never be ready. Should I back it off???

    What scores should I be getting when I take one of the 100+ question tests from Saunders CD-rom to feel confident? Or from any "practice" test for that matter? I am averaging around 70%. Is that high enough to pass NCLEX?? I had awesome grades while in school but these practice tests are kicking my butt.

    In school we did ATI testing and based on the results of our comprehensive final for ATI, I have a "higher than average" chance of passing NCLEX. I'm not sure how reliable that is, though. I just do not feel confident at all because of the 70%'s. I am spending hours upon hours testing and retesting and looking up every rationale for those I get wrong and right and making notes.

    I am just looking for some suggestions on what else I can do to increase my pre-scores and chances for success.

    One advantage is our class is a tiered program so last year I did sit successfully for the NCLEX-PN boards. That eliminates a lot of the stress that could be there had I not faced the experience before.
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  3. by   hbug
    Hi, I'm not sure yet, I'm taking mine on Tuesday:uhoh21:, and I too have been having the nausea. But, if it comforts you, all of my friends and I aren't scoring as high on these practice tests as we did in school either. I'll let you know on thursday or friday if it matters:spin:.

    Good luck to you.
  4. by   shiina,RN
    I'll be having my test on wednesday.I'm not scoring high but just keep on going through the rationales.I have this terrible headache today infront of the computer so i'll just make it easy till tuesday to regain strenght to face that day.Good luck to us!
  5. by   gardenmum
    Thanks for your responses and good luck to both of you. I'll keep plugging away at these questions and reviewing each and every rationale.