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:( HI Im new to the forum and I'm completely freaking out. I took my NCLEX on monday...and I'm still waiting for my results. I feel like I failed. LOL who i'm i fooling I know I failed!!! I would... Read More

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    CONGRATS! I found out I passed today as well! I had a lot of priority ?s as well.
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    Quote from det01
    CONGRATS! I found out I passed today as well! I had a lot of priority ?s as well.

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    oh my god!!!! i just got the news!!! i can't believe it!!! i passeddddddddd...:smiley_aa :melody: i passed, i passed :melody: :smiley_aa
    praised god!!! i've been a wreck...i'm just happy this is over...and thank you all for support!!!!
    congrats!! new rn! go and celebrate!!
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    Im in the same boat of sorts. Just so you don't feel alone.

    I just took my NCLEX PN test today and the computer turned off at the minimum questions, which was 85. Im located in Texas. During the whole time of the test I was just amazed at how hard the questions were and I do mean hard. Friends that took the test prior to me, told me that they had one sentence questions and the answer was so obvious and past the test. During the whole test I had 3 and 4 sentence questions that were very very hard, then I would have a simple question and then it was back to the very hard questions. Diseases, Drugs and situations that I have never heard of, much less pronounce and then poof my computer turns off. Either Im a genius or I'm probably the only person to fail answering the minimum questions, because I search and searched for people that failed taking the minimum question test. lol

    I was surprised that I had no pharmocology problems. There is one thing I am puzzled by, and that is, there were a few questions that were on the same topic, were pretty easy and I was asked them over, the question was almost identical, but with different answers, which really had my brain in a panic.

    So you're not in this situation alone. Does it sound like I had priority questions?

    Ok! So now Im constipated from all the worrying. I must have stopped at at least 5 fast food restuarants and ordered things that I would never eat. Tonight its a bottle of Shiraz, so I don't wake up worrying.

    I sure hope I passed because If I failed and only answered 85 questions, I will never be able to show my face in public again. lol

    Ok! Im checking the TBNE one more time before the sedative kicks in.

    As of (1 Oct 2006) lol! I guess it means I passed. Wooohoooo!
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