Took RN Nclex Got 265 Question..Help! - page 2

I took my nclex today and I got all 265 questions. I am really freakin out. I felt I got just as many right as I got wrong. I had a lot of who would you see first and how would you know teaching was... Read More

  1. by   MOMX3
    I Took It On March 8th For Colorado And I Too Received All 265. Agonizing Huh? I Still Do Not Know My Results. What State Did You Test For And When Did You Test? This Was Not My 1st Time To Test.

    I Hope You Do Get Good News. I Am Very Uncertain About My Own.
  2. by   Luv4LPN
    Hello I was formly BLKnurse360..I was told to change my name. I took all 265 questions and did not pass. I am awaiting my ATT to re-take the exam.

  3. by   Leilah75_RN
    i had 265 question last dec and didnt pass, took them 2 weeks before they send me the results....but dont be dishearthed, my cousin had 265 as well and she passed! she is now receiving $40+/hr salary in auburn CA....hang in there...dont loose hope until you have the result on yer hand
  4. by   mary23
    SOmetimes i feel its just the seat you get! with my LPN exams one of the smatest kids in my class got all 210 questions... I thougt i had only gotten 1 question right they just stink!!! We noth passed! THe amount of questions shouldn't affect you sometimes they give you a different question about the same subject matter and thats why you get more questions! Just relax and try not to dwell on it for the next day or two.