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i don't know how i feel.... the questions were priorities and meds and..... ooooo....... :crying2: i just don't know.... im going shopping....... Read More

  1. by   misty177
    how do you start studying again once you find out you failed????????? this is such a hard feeling.
  2. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from mesoscared
    how do you start studying again once you find out you failed????????? this is such a hard feeling.
    Once you get feed back from test it will tell you where you need to brush up. Check around the threads there are many with hints and tips. Suzanne's programme is a good one to do and all info regarding it is in the sticky titled New revised first tip
  3. by   misty177
    is suzannes program for lvn or just RN
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from mesoscared
    is suzannes program for lvn or just RN
    Can be used for both. If not sure why don't you send her a pm asking for advice?
  5. by   jbear007
    Quote from mesoscared
    how do you start studying again once you find out you failed????????? this is such a hard feeling.

    Im sorry to hear....But dont be discourage and keep you head up! Its only a bump on the road.....Reset and default your approach and take it again.... im still waiting for my result and i dont know what to think!? hahaa....

    But anyways be strong! You'll do better next time around!
  6. by   misty177
    Thank everybody so much for the encouagement to keep me going. i can honestly say this website truly can make a difference. Even though its hard for me to continue through the day knowing that i failed its great to know that there are wonderful people out there that can brighten my day as you guys do. and for jaythenurse i really hope that you pass. i dont want nobody to have to go through this feeling of hurt and disappointment. I took the test right away after graduation with in mind that i didnt care if i passed or failed but would rather take the chance at the test than to go to another review class. i thought that i would be ready for the letter of failure if it came but i found out thats not something you can ever be ready for. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE GETTING READY TO TEST OR WAITING FOR RESULTS.
  7. by   JustBeating
    ahhh! im going pretty insane myself waiting for results..i must say its harder waiting for results than actually taking the nclex..if anyone agrees with me then holler haha..i cant even remember wat number i exactly stopped at it was around the 90's prbly 92, 95, or 96 those come into mind a going crazy...mine had priority questions, meds! ahh!, endo, a lil oncology, a lil ob/peds, 1 question on schizo, and a lil respiratory..if anyone knows if this isnt common then please tell me!..ive heard if the questions get harder and harder then ur doing good...but i couldnt tell on was like easy then hard then easy then hard questions again...up and soo nervous right praying everyday for god to grant me my wish..thats pretty much all i can do..i took my test just on 12-19-07..anytips will be greatly appreciated...
  8. by   misty177
    its really hard to say. when i took the test every single question was really hard for me but it turned out that i failed. are you in a state for quick results????????????
  9. by   JustBeating
    No im in Cali..ive heard the quickest anyone has gotten theres was 3 weeks but since theres a holiday coming up itll prbly take 6 weeks at hoping i get it before that..dangg..this anxiety is killer..i hope the best for you.
  10. by   misty177
    trust me i was there in the same seat as you, i even started checking the bvnpt website the next day so it felt like FOREVER before i got the results, but i would much rather be waiting for the results than to be where i am now with a big DID NOT PASS letter.
  11. by   JustBeating
    dangg..well i hope the best for you ur next time around at the'll do fine. thanks though..i just hope i do alrite myself too.
  12. by   misty177
    how many questions did you get to????
  13. by   JustBeating
    All i remember was that i was passed 90..i think 95 or 96 it was 99 soo it was before that..but yea...