Took NCLEX this morning...have a ?

  1. so i took the test today for the 2nd time. the first time through, i had 262 questions and failed (obviously). i didn't feel prepared and felt horrible when it was over. i took the kaplan before retesting. i remember actually being prepared for the computer shutting off at 75 questions this time. it ended up cutting me off at 113, and i have a much better feeling this time around and the questions seemed a bit easier and more manageable...but that also introduces the debate over whether "the easier questions i get, the worse i am doing". the biggest contributor to my confidence is that if i went so many more questions last time without feeling prepared, and now i am stopped at 113 questions, it's hard for me to think that i was doing that poor enough that they determined "with 95% accuracy" that i didn't have a chance.

    my question...i don't know if there's ever been a proven answer to the validity of whether answering your last question right or wrong and then getting cut off is indicative of performance, but just humor me...
    and i don't know exactly what this site says about posting questions directly from the boards, so i will rephrase and adjust it.

    the actual exam that you took has a statement right on it that you agreed to follow by. it is punishable by law to post any part of a question. your post has been edited due to same. please refer to the sticky at the top of this forum, we have to abide by us copyright laws, as well as you do too. and the nclex exam was also extremely clear about this, and they do prosecute.

    ok, well to all else who took today, the best of luck!!
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  3. by   shannonibellen
    Well...I live in a family where everyone is asmatic and YES it would be advised to remove stuffed animals! Hope you got it right!
  4. by   Paleobug
    I'm retaking mine again also. Just remember that you can't gauge passing/failing on the number of questions. As far as the asthma question, yes, I think that you need to remove potential allergens from the home. Pets, plants etc. Another plant question I've seen in studying is when a patient is recieving chemo. They should not have live flowers or plants in their room, because of the bacteria. The same holds true of not letting them eat fresh fruit such as oranges, apples.
  5. by   hershey4
    I took it for the second time yesturday. I felt the same way! Like the questions were just easy because I was getting them wrong or did I really know my stuff? How did you do? If you passed good for you! If you failed then try to keep your chin up. I'm preparing myself for both which is really scary. I don't even have a job right other then the one i was hired for as a RN. I'm not sure what the heck I'm going to do! Keep us posted and good luck!!