Took Nclex Rn awaiting results

  1. I have never posted to this site but I have been reading the posts on here for awhile. I took the Nclex Rn on the 7th, I had 75 questions. I am a nervous wreck waiting for my results. I find everyones posts on this site very comforting:icon_hug: . I tried to get my quick results and as I put in my credit card info. the pearson website crashed:angryfire ! So frustrating . Now I have to wait for them to fix it . Anyways thanks for listening, I am praying for good news.
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  3. by   panamore
    I am praying for you......
  4. by   pcprice
    you are definitely in my prayers! i already celebrate with you congratulations! :hatparty:
  5. by   DreaRN
    Thanks for your support:biere: . I just found out I PASSED:hatparty: :hatparty: :hatparty: :hatparty: :hatparty: :hatparty: :hatparty:
  6. by   pcprice
    :chuckle :chuckle :chuckle :Melody: :Melody: :hatparty: :hatparty: :hatparty: :hatparty: :hatparty: I Told You, I knew you could do it! God answers his children's prayers, Congratulations, You Go Girl!!!!
  7. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    Way to go!
  8. by   panamore
    :hatparty: :hatparty: :hatparty: :chuckle I am very happy for you!!!!! Relax...and have some FUN :hatparty:
  9. by   Tweety
  10. by   sweetprincess25
    I took my test last march 1st... And until now i have'nt receive any mail yet... My name is not in website... I got 75 questions... Please i need someone give me some advice...