Took NCLEX-RN with 75 questions- any advice???!

  1. I took the NCLEX RN today and my computer shut off at 75 questions and I'm freaking out!!! I got a 98% chance of passing according to the ATI predictor, and took a Kaplan class too. After the text today though, I feel AWFUL. I feel like a lot of my questions were lower level, and made me think I was below the line of passing. Also, I got 2 math questions and only about 4 Select all that Apply. Does anyone have any words of advice on how it looks I did? These next two days are going to be awful
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    You just can't predict on how you did although if first time and trained in the US you have a good 85% on passing. Hang in there and try to relax whilst you wait and good luck
  4. by   hopingtobeanRNsoon
    what were you getting on your kaplan?
  5. by   caliotter3
    Wishing you good luck.
  6. by   KristinW
    I got pretty much right around 60 for all the Kaplan question trainers and qbank, so I'm nervous because I'm right on the bubble!
  7. by   csleepykitty
    I feel your pain. Mine shut off at 75 today too, don't freak out. Two friends of mine took theirs in the last couple of days and got 75 also, with no math questions and only 2 or 3 check all that apply. The good news is that they passed. I was losing my mind today thinking the worse, then I realized that I need to be positive. Please think positive and get some rest. I felt some of the questions looked easy, but they were actually very difficult, I am sure you were not getting lower level questions. It was just a really strange test. I studied for the last 6 weeks since graduation and still felt underprepared. I honestly think the test in FL was so wierd that studying more would not have helped. I think it is a test more in critical thinking and figuring out how to choose something you don't know from what you do know about a disease or drug. Nothing was straightforward.
  8. by   angelscent87
    I passed with 75 questions too.. Just found out this morning. Took my exam May 9... And I am so happy... I got 9 SATA and 1 drag and drop and 1 exhibit question... After my exam I felt awful but all we can do is wait... I tried the PV "trick" and it worked for me... But I didn't rely on that 100%. I just used that to ease my anxiety...

    I know you can pass this and I am sure of it... Have faith...

    Try to relax while waiting but i know it's hard...

    God Bless...
  9. by   KristinW
    what is the PV trick?
  10. by   angelscent87
    Quote from KristinW
    what is the PV trick?
    there's a thread here about it... you can read that...
  11. by   csleepykitty
    I don't know where you took your test, but I took mine around 11am yesterday in FL and logged on at 8am and results were in. I passed with the 75 questions. Good luck!
  12. by   earlcap
    i got 75 questions 6-8 maths, around 10-12 satas, and i got i think 5 questions with exhibits some drugs and prioritization and delegation questions... i tried the the pearson vue tricked... and it lets me go upto the credit card payment... i don't know if i fail though but on my exam i know im gona stopped at 75 cause in my mind im doing good... i just don't right now though since the pearson vue tricked lets me pay the credit card... please pray for me that i passed...
  13. by   Butterfli5
    I agree dont freak out just stay positive. I felt the same way. I took my test on June 18th and the computer shut off at 75 questions. I felt like I had more SATA questions than mulitple choice questions. I felt like I was gonna have a mental break down. The next 48hrs were the longest hrs in my life but I passed. So try to stay calm I'm sure you did great.

    Good luck to you and all who have yet to take the exam
  14. by   earlcap
    thank you so much for the encouragement... need some prayers i really apprec8 it thank you...