Took NCLEX-RN on March 1 - stopped at 83!

  1. i am new to this site.. i am waiting for my results. i tested for bon-ca where quick count is not available. I tested on March 1 in Pasadena, CA, its now March 6 - but still no results. I called BON yesterday to confirm all my requirements and they said they have it but they have not received the results yet... which is weird to me.

    I got mostly prioritization, meds, psych on my exam.. and stopped at 83 - im pretty sure i got the last question right (maybe the second to the last too).. but this wait is just too much!

    How long before you got your results?
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  3. by   suzanne4
    In CA, the BRN manually places your score in your file and then it is reviewed by a human. Fastest that I have ever seen results posted was about three days, average is ten days. And some have been close to a month.

    March 1st was Thursday, and they were closed over the weekend, nothing gets processed then.

    Number of questions means absolutely nothing in determining if you passed, nor does getting the last question right or wrong weigh in on the final pass or no pass.

    There is nothing more that you can do but wait. Best of luck to you.
  4. by   redicedtea
    Thanks Suzanne! I know I just have to wait - its just sooo agonizing to hear from others that they knew they passed after two days! They're lucky they have the quick count...wish california has the same.

    Anyone from california that took it recently, and got their results in yet?
  5. by   suzanne4
    I am aware of several that I helped that have their results. CA will never participate in Quick Results as long as they permit a new grad to test before they have the transcripts, etc in their file. They are the only state that permits this. They cannot release results until the file is complete.

    And only about 27 states permit Quick Results, so there are many others that are still waiting.
  6. by   redicedtea
    I called BRN today to ask if my file is complete. She took my # and told me that she will notify the evaluator to call me. I asked her if its complete, she said she doesnt know and that I should discuss it with my evaluator. Weird.

    It's my 6th day of waiting......
  7. by   Aquarian
    I also felt the same way waiting for the results. Good luck to you!
  8. by   redicedtea
    Thanks guys!

    Another weird thing.. maybe its just me being paranoid but I spoke with an evaluator at BRN (supposedly my evalualor per customer service), and she told me that they still dont have my results yet and that it takes 10-30 days. She acted as if she doesn't know if I tested. But my file is just in front of her cos I asked if my files are complete and she said, yes they are.
    So I called up Pearsonvue and they verified that they have already transmitted my exam to them. Whats going on? The only thing that I can think of is that I updated my profile (SSN, Address, Tel #) with them AFTER i took my exam. What do you think?
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  10. by   EcyRN
    that happened to me too..i just found out that they dont have my ssn the day after i took the sent it to them..i dunno if its gonna mess my file or what..ow well..waiting moments... good luck to us.