Tips For Studying Meds

  1. any tips on how i can study meds..?? i got my performance report and that is my weakness...when i took the nclex i got meds that ive never seen there a way to recognize these meds..?? I mean, i know some meds already like those that ends in -lol are beta blockers , or the ones that end in -pril are ace inhibitors..the basic stuff..
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  3. by   leesespieces
    What really helps me is to know drugs by their classes instead of by individual name. You said you are already familar with identifying beta-blockers and ACE inhibitors, just keep at it. My guess is you will become better with meds the more you given them and are exposed to them on a daily basis. There will always be new meds or one you never heard of, just look them up and make a note to yourself to remember the MOA adverse effects and nursing considerations. Good Luck!
  4. by   carrie13
    I could use some tips too. I took my NCLEX yesterday and had at least 1/2 of the 75 questions on meds. I studied meds by classes and could pick out the 'lol' 'pril' 'pam', etc. But some of the meds I've never heard of and couldn't use any of my drug knowledge to figure it out. Plus the question didn't really help me with any clues about the med or why the pt was taking it. - all the questions were like - your patient is taking 'whatever drug' what do you teach them. I really feel like I didn't pass....
  5. by   jls1117
    i had the same problem when i took my test Carrie (unfortunately i didnt pass but i will retake it) ....there were really drugs ive never heard of..but the again, the answers has something to do on how to take it...and there drugs have different ways to take it on an empty stomach..before meals..i dunno..maybe i just missed something in the question..
  6. by   carrie13
    that sounds exactly what my questions were like. pretty much - the patient is taking a specific med. do you teach them to take it with meals, on an empty stomach, avoid sunlight, etc. I'll find out tomorrow whether or not I passed. At this point I'm pretty sure I failed and have kinda accepted that and am already planning the study calendar for round 2
  7. by   GingerSue
    about these meds that are ones that people haven't heard of?

    is there some authority/source who can address this?
    I already notice this happening on some of my current exams, there are questions about meds that are not mentioned in my textbook reading material - and this is not fair.