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First of all, thank you so much for all your support and prayers. I will keep you posted. I tried it again last night and this morning and yet it still on hold. :confused: But I'm keeping the Faith.... Read More

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    thank you so much for sharing purplechicxiii you have such a generous heart thats why you deserve the best of both worlds! CONGRATULATIONS!!!
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    Quote from Asteria
    HI purple ..Congratulations for passing the NCLEX-RN wish you Goodluck on your bright future ^.^
    ..I wanted to pass my nclex too I am going for my 3rd attempt ...
    I have same book as you have the Saunders Comprehensive Review 5e , I have Priority,Delegation, and Assignment book by lacharity 2e and I bought 2 books from exam cram practice questions and Exam Cram nclex-rn 3e .
    I was just wandering how did you manage doing the Saunders Comprehensive Review,.. did you reviewed per chapter?
    per unit? or per topic (medsurg, pedia, maternal etc.) ..
    and how many per day? for every chapter or every unit?
    Thank you! Well, I started the first 4 chapters of Saunders for 1 month since I wasn't reviewing constantly due to the holidays last December and then last January I took the 75-question diagnostic exam of Saunders CD then it generated a 1 1/2 month study calendar which I followed it ever since, until last half of Feb. When are you taking it again? don't lose hope. Just keep on studying and practice answering questions, making sure to study all rationales after; and pray pray pray. You can do this!! God bless you.
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    Quote from faithhopelove
    Hello purplechicxiii.. thank you so much for your sharing here, very impressive and inspiring. Congratulations for passing the NCLex, you really deserved it. I'm a filipina too who is planning to take the NCLEX this year, I just passed the NLE last december 2011 and I haven''t started my application for the NCLEX.
    Unsolicited advice, schedule first your nclex exam date so you can have your goals set. Of course you can start studying anytime, but it'll really help if you already have your target exam date. I've been reviewing religiously a year before I took my 1st exam, and failed. Maybe because I got too tired the time I've already scheduled my exam date. As most people say, the closer you review on your exam date, the easier it is for you to pass. Good luck and God bless you Kabayan.
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  4. by   ladyliza
    Hello everyone, i'm so inspired by everyone's faith and support of each other. I have one more year of nursing school and i feel so stressed, i want to start my nclex review now .thanks so much and god bless!
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    I took the Exit (aka Hesi) exam last week. Our school uses the ATI, my exam gave a predictor that I had 95% chance that I will pass the NCLEX on the first attempt, but still I do not feel confident. I graduate at the end of this month with my ADN. I will do the ATI NCLEX Review and some Kaplan to assure me success, but after reading these posts, I am getting nervous as some of you are taking it for the second try. Is there anything in particular I should pay attention to? I am certainly aiming for passing on the first try and not pay again the almost $500 needed to take the NCLEX here in Florida. I work full time so I plan to take the NCLEX by the end of July. I welcome any advise and thoughts.
    To those that will be taking it closer than I or awaiting to know if they have passed...good luck
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    Hi purplechicxiii
    Thank you so much for your inspiring story .
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  7. by   wamgab
    Hi everyone. I did self review and passed at 75 questions. Took my exam Aril 4,2012 at 10:00 am.
    I followed the advices of those who did self review in this site.
    I used only the following:

    1. KAPLAN Book (Focused on Strategies)
    2. Prioritization and Delegation La Charity
    3. Lippincot Nclex Review (Book and CD)
    4. Donwloaded also some of the notes from all discussions nclex (read)
    5. Prayed to God, Our Lady of Perpetual Help and Mediatrix of All Grace
    6. Prayed to St. Joseph of Cupertino
    7. Answered thousands of CD NCLEX questions (borrowed some)

    Good luck!
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  8. by   purplechicxiii
    Hey AN!! Sorry I'm gone for many weeks, I've been busy with all my job applications here in Qatar.

    God bless us all nurses!!:spin:
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    Hi, awesome way to study.
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    Thank you for sharing. Congratulations!
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