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  1. aocegueda

    17 years out of school, if I did it, so can everyone too :)

    thanks for sharing your story, its very inspiring!!
  2. aocegueda

    What a relief!

  3. aocegueda

    I Passed!

    congrats!!! i know if i pass i will be doing the same!
  4. congrats!! inspirational for those who have been through a lot
  5. aocegueda

    Just took my NCLEX

  6. aocegueda

    How i studied for my nclex exam

    Hi, congrats your story is inspiring and I'm attempting to study for the NCLEX exam but I've been procrastinating lately and was wondering if you could send me your study tools that you have and used, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks my email is alexandra.ocegueda@gmail.com
  7. aocegueda

    My NCLEX Journey

    Congrats!! Thanks for sharing your study plan, I am procrastinating right now so this helped, I was wondering if you could send me your study resources? My email is alexandra.ocegueda@gmail.com, thanks a lot!
  8. aocegueda

    This is how I prepared for my NCLEX-RN Exam. :)

    Hi, awesome way to study.