Third time's the charm...i hope

  1. Hey everyone first let me start by saying I graduated nursing school in May 2011, I took the NCLEX (the first time) in June got like 224 questions and failed, I had an RN job lined up for when I passed the first time so when I failed they still hired me as a NCP in another unit so that when I did pass the transition would be swift and I wouldn't have to go through a new hire process, being pumped about that I chose to take it again in Oct 2011 and got all 265...and failed. I gave up on the studying for a while because I was very discouraged, but I quickly got over it and started studying casually again. I've used Kaplan, which I find has questions that most resemble the actual NCLEX questions, I've also used Saunders, and Hurst, and finally Prentice hall comprehensive review. I've decided to start a goal list as to how many questions I do daily ( I hear that's key...questions questions questions ) and I've put in a week off work to do heavy duty studying then take my test the following Monday (Aug 6ish) I've also printed the all nurses review pages. I guess my point to all this is one to let other nurses know to NEVER give up because I know I wont and also to ask for some input, tips, or anything anyone wants to share particularly from third time passers thanks for your time and attention
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  3. by   Danielle318
    Good Luck! Wishing you the BEST! You're in my prayers
  4. by   Aniva
    Best of luck to you! I love the never-give-up attitude. Perhaps taking some computerized questions so you're use to the actually testing format may help. Go get'em!
  5. by   carvit3308
    thank you so much
  6. by   nurse671
    Goodluck u can do it.
  7. by   Iammetoo
    Wishing U the Best...... Be like Nike and JUST DO IT!!!