The Results Are In But...

  1. I Am So Nervous I Can't Check Them......
    Did Yours Come In Yet Lyn?
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  3. by   codebrown
    Good Luck...... Ya gotta check, cuz the result is the same whether you look or not. I may be waiting for my results for awhile, as I am in California. How many questions did ya have? I know it doesn't mean anything, but I am curious.
  4. by   Nurse2BAndiLynn
    OH I'm so excited for you!! Mine aren't in yet. I will check as SOON as I can. You passed, honey! Check so you can confirm that one with a posting!!!!
  5. by   Nurse2BAndiLynn
    WELL???? I keep checking in to see if you've posted!!! I'm on pins and needles over here!!!
  6. by   NS2005NY
    I can't do it...i called my husband and he said I will wait on the phone while you check...just check...I am too scared- I told him I will wait until he gets home so he can do it.....but he won't be home until later on this evening...
  7. by   Nurse2BAndiLynn
    Hey--you can't wait that long. I would say I'd come over, but it's at least an 8-hour drive. Waiting won't change anything... PLUS you can start celebrating NOW when you find out that you passed! I think I'm going to have a rough time clicking that button... HEY why don't you have your hubby call the 1-900-776-2539 number for the PHONE results. Just be sure he has your ATT number. Then he can call you and let you know! Would that be easier for you???
  8. by   NS2005NY
    Yes but he can't dial the 900 number from his cell phone!!! That is the thing ..I just can't get the nerve up to do it---I can't take it saying FAILED again...oh LORD..
  9. by   Nurse2BAndiLynn
    You'll pass, honey!!!!!!!!!
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  10. by   Nurse2BAndiLynn
    I Just Checked Mine--passssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!
  11. by   Nurse2BAndiLynn
    Have you checked your's yet, NY????
  12. by   RNKay31
    Wishing you the best
  13. by   NS2005NY

    I am too chicken.....
  14. by   Nurse2BAndiLynn
    Oh man... WELL when your hubby gets home and you find out that you passed, YOU BETTER POST!!!!