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  1. I've read and reread the posts on this forum for over a month as I was preping for my boards and have found them very helpful. I took my NCLEX-RN yesterday and I must repeat what so many have said, the stress and nerves are horrible. I'm a graduate of Excelsior College and before this test the CPNE was the most stressful experience. I took my LPN boards 27 years ago and the wait for them wasn't this bad. I ended up with 130 questions and decided once it had passed 75 questions for sure I had failed. I took a deep breath and did some self talk to stay focused. I read Eric's post about waiting for results and thought about what he had said and then refocused and finished my test. I spent most of yesterday preparing myself to retest and of course checking the BON, why I'm not sure since they said it would be 48 hours. I actually got about 3 hours of sleep and of course the first thing I did when I got up was checked the computer and again nothing. My husband said he's ready to take away my laptop until tomorrow!! So right now he's not home so I thought I'd check one more time and guess what, my results were posted. I PASSED!!! I'm in shock. I had to share my news and felt this was the one place people would truely understand and care.
    Thank you to all who share their experiences, good and bad. ALso thanks to thoses who have shared their tips.
    Lynne, RN
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    Congratulations on a job well done! Go out and celebrate!!
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    Congratulations! I hope you will treat us to dinner! Just kidding! I agree with you that it's a big help to all of us regarding those threads being post in this web site. Wow! It's amazing that we were able to hurdle this challenge.
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    Congrats on the good news. We all have it in us to succeed.
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    Congratulations... Job well done...