test is on monday!

  1. *sigh*..i'll be taking my test on monday 18, this would be my third time. i have studied kaplan and saunders. Hopefully third time is charm, i remember after i took my 2nd time the lady at the center said 2nd time is a charm,hmm.. lol. i might say it to my self this time, it might works.. (lol).

    my qbank is ranging from 55-56, is that good? am i readY??.
    please help me pray. thanks!
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Good luck!
  4. by   winsome08
    Good luck and remember to use relaxation techniques during the test.
  5. by   Korleone
    thanks for the motivation!..
  6. by   winsome08
    Anytime; we are each other's support at all times no matter what.
  7. by   arsmithRN

    Hi there!!! I too am retesting on Monday (the 18th) for my 2nd time, so i feel ya on so many levels!! I was so devistated after I failed the first time. But it always seemed that all the way through nursing school I was always right on the line of passing/failing and always had to work my butt off...guess this is the same battle. There are two ways you can look at failure. One being i failed and I give up, and another being I failed so next time I'm trying harder. We are going to be great nurses whenever our time comes, there is a time and a place for everything, and for some reason the world isn't ready for us yet....but on Monday, May 18th....the world better look out b/c we are coming back with a vengience and conquering NCLEX!!! Remember you are not alone, and we WILL make it thru NCLEX!!! Good luck to you!!!
  8. by   Korleone
    Yes! we will make it.. it's been long time that i have been studying for this exam.. i didnt even work just to study for this..hopefully on monday, i'll knock down that test!! lol.. just kind of nervous though, i'm still studying for kaplan q-bank, maybe saturday and sunday would be a good time to relax.