Taking the test on May 11th...wish me luck

  1. Hi Everyone...I am fairly new to this forum..but have been browsing through it for a couple of months. And I would just like to say thank you too all who contribute all the valuable tips and info about NCLEX and there experiences with the test. I do also respect those who pray for others...because belive me we all need a little prayer in our lives.
    I took my boards once before in Feb 07..and had 265 questions and failed! I was supposedly close to passing..but apparently not close enough. So, I have it scheduled to take it over again in 3 days. On friday, May 11th!
    I have been studying a lot..as well as practicing questions. As well as praying..and hopefully the combinations of all that will help me succeed this time around. So wish me lot's of luck....and please say a prayer for me on friday, May 11th 07 at 8:00 am, when I take the dreaded test.
    Hope fully with the grace of god..I will PASS!
    THANK YOU guys!
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  3. by   Amiejayrn
    RNtobe, You are absolutely right, you were the closest to passing with 265 questions and dont forget that! That means make every question count and dont get discouraged if you get another 265 questions! I failed in Feb. with 265 and took it again last week and passed with 265! I will say a prayer for you on Friday and I wish you the best that day!
  4. by   RNtobe2007
    Thank you so much Amiejayrn!!!
    I truely appreciate your encouragement. And knowing you were in the same situation as me, gives me hope!!!:yeahthat:
    I am going to think positive and not lose hope if I end up with another 265.
    Thank again!
  5. by   luna770
    I also failed my first attempt on 2/7/07. With continued studying, confidence, and relaxation, I was able to pass my second attempt two months later. You can do this--you know what to expect and you know your weak areas...keep us posted on your success..AND yes prayers & good vibes out to ya on 5/11!!! GO FOR IT!!
  6. by   Leilah75_RN
    best of luck to yah! God bless
  7. by   tin6
    Goodluck to ur exam....I will also take exam this may 21 , its my 1st time and hopefully i make it on 1st attemp hehehehe........ thats my gift to u on ur celebration......
  8. by   Amiejayrn
    RNtobe, your welcome! IF your computer goes pass 75, just remember you are still in the game and think about each question and make them count. I did that and it was exhausting since it went to 265 again for me. When and if you get to a point while taking the test that you are discouraged, give yourself a peptalk to make this question count. What have you been doing to prepare for this test, if you dont mind me asking?
  9. by   RNtobe2007
    well i took the kaplan review class 2 weeks ago, so i have basically gone through the book, and done all my q-bank and q-trainer questions and other review exams here and there. basically trying to learn and understand the question i got wrong on the practice test's and reviewing them. the first time i took the q-trainers i was getting scores in the 55-65%. then i redid them and started getting 65-80 % i really hope that will help.
    oh! i wanted to ask you..since you took the test in feb like me and retook it recently...do you think the test was any harder from the last time you took it. i mean was the level of difficulty harder this time. i ask because i thought my last exam was so hard, i cried in the middle of the test... i am sure that didn't help..but it was really difficult. i knew when i walked out of that test..i have failed.
    i just pray to god that this time..i dont get anxious and not lose hope if i end up getting all 265.
  10. by   Amiejayrn
    That Kaplan strategy book helped me to look at the questions differently. As far as the test being harder, It looked and seemed the same to me. I felt after just a couple of questions, "oh no, this is still hard to me", even though I prepared as best as I could. I think if your doing well during the test your questions will be harder, but look at it as a good sign and keep going! I was more anxious and worried the second time around always second guessing myself but I did study content (NCSBN), and read that short strategy book which helped me to see things differently. I was never good at tests at school either. I just know you will do it this time and I will be thinking of you on Friday. You are on your way to adding "RN" after your name!:angel2:
  11. by   RNtobe2007
    Thank you so much for your encouragement Amie...as well as everyone else who's wished me luck. I truely appreciate all you'll good wishes and prayers.
  12. by   RNKay31
    Wishing you God richest blessings on that day
  13. by   Leilah75_RN
    tic tac tic tac...it's a nclex battle tomorrow!!! relax now. you will do well for God is your armour.

    best of luck
  14. by   RNtobe2007
    i can't belive it....my test is tommorrow!!!!! i am so freaking scared and nervous. but i have to think positive..because last time i had such a negative attitude about it..and it showed.
    just focus!!!

    well i just wanted to say thank you again to all who are so kind with their words of encouragement.
    i truely appreciate every single post!