Taking NCLEX in another state

  1. Hi All-
    I went to the PeasonVue website a bit too late. By the time I went to schedule my NCLEX exam, there were no more slots open in my home state. I understand that the test is national but I am still concerned. If I take my NCLEX exam in a different state than I have applied to for licensure, is this allowable?
    I am currently scheduled for an exam center that is over 5 hours away but I am still watching the Pearson site to see if there are any cancelations before I have to make the trip.
    Thanks for the help.
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  3. by   suzanne4
    You can take the exam where ever you want, Hawaii, Hong Kong???? Where you physically take the exam, has absolutely nothing to do with where your license will be from. You can take the exam where ever there is a center that offers it.
  4. by   whiskeygirl
    Good I just wanted to be sure.