Taking nclex for 2nd time. Need your help! - page 2

I will be taking the NCLEX exam again in the next couple of weeks. I was truly devasted when I received results for my first attempt. After about a week of so of just pure hell and feeling like the... Read More

  1. by   LVN2010M
    Im in the samw boat as you, only difference is that i failed my nclex lvn, and the same as you i have a job opening lined up for me all i need is the paper saying i passed! i felt so devestated and still do bt i cant cry over it forever i have another chance and im going to go for it. Im starting to study like nothing else to do bc i need this so bad its a lie changing test!
  2. by   oscarandmax
    Thanks everyone for all their wonderful suggestions!! I'm considering on purchasing the 3 week course for NBSCN, if I knew for a fact that their questions were very similar to NCLEX. Kaplan's questions are close, to me Saunders is ok, but mostly knowledge questions. I don't know, does anyone else have an opinion about NBSCN? Also, anyone who has taken the NCLEX, pass or fail have alot of questions concerning abnormal vs. normal labs??