Suzanne's Plan?

  1. Hello to all!

    I've read a post on Suzanne's plan and I still have no idea on who she is, what it does, how it works, how much it cost etc? I am very lost. I mean I have yet to take the NCLEX but who knows in the future I may need it. Do you have to fail the NCLEX in order to use it or can you take it right off the bat? Please help! :icon_question:
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  3. by   BAF829
    Read my post entitled "Failed 2nd time/What is Suzanne's plan" on the next page and the friendly people in this forum explained what it is. I inquired about it last week because I didn't know anything about the plan myself. There is no charge. Suzanne is a wonderful moderator on this forum that has taken the time to give us her tips on how to pass the NCLEX. You just have to buy the Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX book with the CD. Hope this helps.
  4. by   trekjudy
    Check the sticky note at the top of this forum. Suzanne has her first tip how to start her program. You need the lastest edition of Saunders comprehensive review nclex rn. It is free. She has a high passing rate. After you finish the first tip you PM Suzanne and she will send you the rest of the plan. After you finish the first tip then you start the actual plan which takes 6 weeks. If you have any more questions email me or contact Suzanne.
    Good luck
  5. by   treblig66
    Hi! CAn you teach me how i can get the suzanne's plan for nclex RN.....
  6. by   gRacie_307
    just send suzanne a pm or private message, you asking for her study guide... do please check the above sticky about suzanne's guide for more info.... hope this helps!:spin: :spin: :spin:
  7. by   suzanne4
    see new sticky at the top of this forum, complete it and then contact me via pm.
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