Study Plan?? To Submit to Boards

  1. I know you get a written thing about how to put together a study plan, however I was notified on thursday the 28th that it was due on the 31st to be reviewd by the board in January....Of course I called and said I did not have enough time to put together one. So I am just wondering since I'm in a time crunch how elaborate do they need to be? I am also hoping that my advisor from nursing school knows what to do, but I could use all of the help right now, they extended my deadline to this friday the 5th, so I can take it after my 45 day wait. Thanks!
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  3. by   EricJRN
    Is this for the NCLEX?
  4. by   Silverdaisyd
    yes it is, but maybe just our state has it? hmmm....see since i failed a second time i have to submit a study plan that the board has to approve for me to take a third time.....i don't see how they cannot approve a study plan, but i was just wondering what other people had did, i meet with my advisor today, but i have to fax it friday morning so they have it for their meeting.....otherwise i have to wait until march for the next meeting, and then give myself time to implement my plan of study. i want to get a jump on it this time.......i am still upset, but i am hoping it will drive me to success (does that make sense?)