strange mail after passing the NCLEX

  1. Hi guys,

    I was on here about 10 days ago after I took my NCLEX on Nov.13- I was worried, and everyone here was really great. I got my results 2 days later on the PearsonVue website and it said "pass". Great, right? Then... Today I got a letter from NY state that said, "(my name), an NCLEX examination applicant for the NY State of Nursing, HAS PASSED THE National Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses". However, there was another piece of paper enclosed that said, "Important Notice Regarding Your Examination Results: If you currently hold a limited permit to proectice or are practicing under the exemption for graduates of NY state licensure quailty nursing progemas pending receipt of a limited permit, you must immediately notify your employer of your examination results. Practice under a limited permit or exemprtion is only allowed for ten days after the date of the notice of failure on the professional licensing examination. You may use any of the flooring methods to apply to retake the NCLEX examination" and then it list the phone numbers, websites, etc.

    WHAT IS GOING ON? I went to the NY online license verification, and my name is on there, I'm "Registered" and I have a date of liscensure at nov.17th and a liscense number. So..what's this letter about? If there any chance I failed? I don't get it!! If anyone knows anything about this, this is the online thing for NY; that's my real name and where I live (Canada). Any ideas would help!! i'm now feeling paranoid I really did fail it...i don't know why they'd send me this!!


    What does this mean to you?

    Thanks, Kait
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  3. by   Kait
    OH...and I tried to call my state board and PearsonVUE, but they were closed. It's Friday afternoon!!
  4. by   cardiacRN2006
    Quote from Kait
    What does this mean to you?
    It means you are a registered nurse.

    Did you also apply for a temp permit as well? I think this is referring to a temp license. Because pass or fail, once you take your NCLEX you can't practice under that temp license.


    Oh, they are probably closed for the holiday weekend...
  5. by   Kait
    I hope you're right!! I didn't apply for a temp license. i'm a Cdn, been a nurse in Canada for 2 yrs.
  6. by   augigi
    They probably just put it in all the results to let you know in case you failed or have a temp permit not to use it anymore. Congrats on passing!!
  7. by   DolphinRN84
    First I just want to say congratulations again on your passing. And you PASSED!! They probably sent you that letter just to say if you applied for some kind of GN, whether pass/fail, you can't practice as a GN anymore (graduate nurse). All the best to you!
  8. by   suzanne4
    read that letter again closely, it states if you are pracitising, or under the exemption and you are not using either.

    remember that temporary work permits and the exemption that they are speaking about cease to exist once you write the exam, and they were telling you that you would need to let your employer know, if you have one, that you are now a registered nurse.
    and do not need the supervision of another nurse. they are just clearing up any questions of some that do not notify their employer if they do not pass the exam and continue to try to work as a nurse.

    congratulations new rn!!!!!:melody: :melody: :melody: :melody:

  9. by   Kait
    [quote=suzanne4;1939580]Read that letter again closely, it states If you are pracitising, or under the exemption and you are not using either.

    Hmm, yes...but it seems to be a letter entirely_ directed at people who have failed the exam! It doesn't say "if you failed" seems to be assuming you did. I dunno, it just freaked me out!

    Thanks for the support though. I don't see how it can mean anything, I got the pass on the Pearson VUE website, the letter from NCLEX says pass, and NY State has me listed as "liscensure date" Nov.17, four days after I wrote the test. You can't be licensed without passing the test, right?

    ...I'm just paranoid, I waited 14 months after after applying to write it and I've been studying since April! I was so happy to find out I passed...I'm so afraid SOMETHING will go wrong.

    Thanks again,
  10. by   Kait
    Oh, also... I haven't worked in the US yet... So what you guys are saying (aside from the letter) is if you are working via a temp permit or as a grad nurse, once you find out your NCLEX results you can't practice under them, not even for...another week or something? Hmm...

    Thanks again...I really appreciate you guys taking the time to comment!

  11. by   BSNtobe2009
    Kait, it sounds like you got a form letter that they probably include with every letter, whether you passed or not. They aren't going too make a mistake like sending you a letter that you passed when you didn't.
  12. by   RNKay31
    LOL I got the same thing too, I guess it's send to everyone, congratulation you are an RN
  13. by   Kait
    You got the same thing too, when you passed? Oh...I can't tell you how much BETTER that makes me feel!
  14. by   Kait
    All right... I phoned the NY state board and I'm definitely registered, I passed! One person said it was just a form letter sent to everyone...someone else didn't know, but confirmed my license. I still think the letter was a little freaky, but's OK! Thanks so much for the replies from you guys!! NCLEX is over, I'm more worrying!