STILL WAITING! Tested October 4.

  1. I took the NCLEX-PN in California on October 4, and I'm still waiting! I was being patient, figuring my results would come sometime last week, but I got a call from the classmate I took the test with, and someone from our class had contacted the boards last week and was told they are still processing results from September 29!

    I called this morning and was again told they are still on September 29! I'm losing my mind here! I've been on orientation at my new job since the week after I took boards, and every day when I walk in 30 people ask me "So, did you hear?" Even the patients are asking me! Now I'm afraid if I have to wait much longer I'll be temporarily taken off the schedule until I can prove I passed. And I need to be working right now.

    I think I might lose it. Anyone else in the same boat?
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  3. by   miss_cy that for real?? right at this moment theyre still on processing sept 29 exams?????? that sounds unbelievable but i dont know..only cali bon and God knows our result. this past weeks after i took it last oct 12 ,i was calm and kind of a like excited. but now its november i feel like im riding a roller coaster being ready for the loop!

    am nervous to death!!!!

    Lord make us get a passing result
  4. by   federal
    ditto..... when will that mail arrive..........