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  1. Hello everyone....I'm still waiting 4 my results. Took NCLEX on Mon. (29th) and nothing has been posted. The good thing is that only five of us have tested from our class and no-one has gotten results. The last I heard our school had just sent over our transcripts 2 the BRN last Friday. Does anyone know how long that process takes? I'm going nuts! I can't stop thinking about the test, can't sleep/eat or even concentrate. It's almost like I'm in a "depressed" state. Plus I have these feelings of failure. It stopped @ 75Q and I know I missed quite a few Another question... is the BRN website updated tonight or will I have 2 wait until Monday?
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  3. by   Leilah75_RN
    California doesnt participate in quick result i think. they normally issue the result within 10-30 days. i received mine on the 14th day altho mine isn't a happy result. enjoy the wait. u will pass. best of luck to yah...
  4. by   kimora
    I spoke with the board (CA) today and they said that it takes 3 weeks for transcripts to be posted. I took my nclex on jan 12 and I am still waiting! Good luck
  5. by   codebrown
    I took the NCLEX on the 19th of January. 75 ?'s, license posted on the board exactly two weeks later. FYI, I also felt as if I knew nothing when I walked out of the testing center. I hand delivered my transcripts to the board because their mailroom can take 2 weeks to process incoming mail. Good Luck, I am sure you did well!
  6. by   nrse2b06
    Thanks. @ least I know I have about another week or so b4 results r up. So it's prefectly normal 2 feel like u failed? I hope I didn't, I just feel like I studied all the wrong stuff. I had a lot of GI questions that I was so weak in, and tons of priority. I had 2 math and I screwed the 2nd math question up because I just couldn't figure it out. I think anxiety hit me and I just sort of guessed. Now I'm beating myself up over it because it was so easy 4 me 2 figure it out after coming home
  7. by   trdicus
    Well I am with you I took my exam on the 29th also I live in TN and took it in KY where they can get quick results! Well since I applied for a TN lis I was not able to use that option wish that stinks! Well it shut off at 75 and I left there thinking I missed several but not sure on some!! I had only 1 math, 3-4 select all, and several several delagating questions. Well I hope I hear something soon! Good luck to you!! POST WHEN YOU KNOW
  8. by   Amiejayrn
    I took my NCLEX yesterday (Feb. 1st) so I will be waiting for my results here in California too. Other classmates of mine have taken as much as 3 weeks to find out to as little as 2 days! Yes, they get posted late Friday nights or early Saturday morning bcuz' they checked before bed Friday and looked Saturday morn and there was their name! I dont know about you, but I cant help looking like every 2 hours, I am obsessed!:behindpc: