Songs before NCLEX - page 2

let's start a list with songs to be listen before nclex exam for: - high your self confidence - less anxiety level my proposals: i feel good - james brown, i will survive - gloria... Read More

  1. by   hikernurse
    No Surrender by Bruce Springsteen

    Stand Back Up by Sugarland
  2. by   hikernurse
    Quote from GregCP, RN
    1 st time: Failled Nclex answering the full amount of questions using up every minute of the clock

    2 nd time: listened to Air Supply's, "Making Love Out Of Nothing At All". Over and Over and Over again (single's track), and passed the Nclex, shuts off at the bare minimum (64?)

    I like Air Supply well enough; I have their greatest hits album that I listen to, but if I had to listen to that single over and over again, I would've done whatever it took to pass the NCLEX, just to get it out of my head, LOL
  3. by   Holly27
    I sang over and over to myself all the way into the testing site. Jesus loves me. I even wrote on my dry erase board "Put it all in his hands". It helped alleviate my anxiety. It worked for me.The test stopped at 85 and I didn't even throw up waiting the next 48hrs for my results.LoL
  4. by   gumdrop
    win by bryan mcknight

    dark is the night
    i can weather the storm
    never say die
    i've been down this road before

    i'll never quit
    i'll never lay down
    see i promised myself i would never let me down

    so i'll never give up
    never give in
    never let a ray of doubt slip in
    and if i fall
    i'll never fade
    i'll just get up and try again
    never lose hope
    never lose faith
    there's much too much at stake
    upon myself i must depend
    i'm not looking for a place ashore
    i'm gonna win

    won't stop me now
    there's still a ways to go
    some way somehow
    whatever it takes i know

    i'll never quit
    i'll never go down
    i'll make sure they remember my name 100 years from now


    when it's all said and done
    my once in a lifetime won't be back again
    now is the time, for me to stand
    here is my chance, that's why i...

    :melody: :yeahthat:
    we're gonna win!!

  5. by   BabyRN2Be
    There's the song from Les Miserables, "One More Day."

    Here's partial lyrics:

    One day to a new beginning/

    Raise the Flag of freedom High!

    There's a new world for the winning,
    There's a new world to be won.

    I will join these people's heros,
    I will follow where they go,
    I will learn their little secrets,
    I will know the things they know.
    (The above could apply to a new nursing grad, looking up to those who took the NCLEX before them)

    Tomorrow we'll discover what our God in Heaven has in store,
    One more dawn, one more day, ONE DAY MORE!!

    (This is not a complete list of the lyrics, but it's a very rousing, encouraging song. I used to listen to this during finals week. Wish I could find the CD now!)