Someone help please

  1. I took my nclex pn on yesterday felt good about it i stopped at 86 questions. I waited 24 hours and was able to register it took the payment do that mean i failed please tell me someone
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  3. by   ericninetwo

    According to the PVT, yes you failed. However, as the name indicates, it is only a "trick" and not 100%. The only way you will know if you truly passed or failed is to wait for the official results.

    Also, there's a search engine on this website where you can find literally thousands of similar posts asking the same question as yours.
  4. by   angel1949
    Yes but maybe what i should have asked have you known for someone credit card to go through and still passed im really nervous i trying to figure out how i failed at 86 questions
  5. by   angel1949
    I replied
  6. by   korah12
    If it took your payment usually it means the test is a no Go. However, I have heard this before the candidate paid for the quick result and it was a Go.
  7. by   korah12
    Bear in mind that you can challenge the test as well.
  8. by   angel1949
    Im in NC how can i challenge it
  9. by   julsca
    Give yourself some time and search your name in your state's department of consumer affairs website. Also check your breeze account to confirm the trick.
  10. by   RNrhythm
    Please keep us posted.