So I started Kaplan Q bank...

  1. Im signed up, exhausting questions....

    Very hard....

    Can you guys post tips for studying this, should I write each wrong answer I get wrong, or just read them?

    Im trying to absorb everything i get wrong...

    Wish me luck guys!
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  3. by   rodmarkq
    Doesn't matter if you get it wrong. What's important is for you to read the rationale, find out why you got it wrong and go from there. Keep going at it. I did Kaplan too and my 1st qbank scores weren't good either. Trust me, just keep at it and always read the rationale. Something will click inside of you and you'll get the flow of how Kaplan should be answered. Your scores will get better.
  4. by   isteviec
    Thanks for your input, ill soon post how I am doing on the trainer and my scores..

    Is anyone else out there using kaplan q bank so far i think this is great, Its very hard, but I am def. going to absorb everything I dont know...
  5. by   joe17
    kaplan q banks are far difficult than the real nclex....but nclex thou can asked u easy question but u will find it hard due to given choices which are almost all correct......when i took mine last 27th Jan..most of my question are not as hard but very tricky.....take ur time in answering them read carefully and use a technique of answering them....elimate the irrilevant,and choose the best answer that will save the patient.....NCLEX IS ALL ABOUT PATIENT SAFETY!!!
  6. by   clueless28
    how long is kaplan q bank good for?
  7. by   diana2520
    it can be exhausting , i mostly use the study mode, so i can get the explanation...and like mentioned above understanding why something was wrong (rationals) is the best way to absorb as much, iam doing that as well.
  8. by   lc1028
    it is really exhausting! i did QT 7 yesterday (265 questions) and i felt like i got hit by a truck. i did all the tests in exam mode. i feel like i would get distracted by answering a question... reading the rationale and then trying to remember it and then go on to the next question. after i completed the whole test then i would go through each and every question and look at all the rationales. if there was something i didnt understand or wanted to absorb more i would write it down. if i wanted more content on it i would go look it up and add that to my notes. i used up about 100 page note book writing down all my rationales. but thats just me because i learn better by re-writing opposed to just reading! i take my test in 2 days and i am sooo drained from studying. but trust me your scores will improve. i started out getting low 50's and ended up with high 60's! once you figure out how to look and disect the question it will help find the answer. hope this helps! i haven't passed (yet!) so i might not have the best advice but thats just worked for me GOOD luck!
  9. by   Me2006
    Quote from clueless28
    how long is kaplan q bank good for?
    Kaplan QBANK is usually good for 3 months
  10. by   nursing41921
    I have exam cram-pn question book. Should I also purchase kaplan question bank? I am doing hurst review content. Any advice is appreciated. I take my exam nxt month