Signing up for the NCLEX/studying for it too

  1. So I signed up for the initial sign up...the part where you pay all the money. Question...are you supposed to sign up on pursevue (whatever the web site is ha), for your states license, and fingerprinting all at once? (3 different places to sign up I just mean the same day apply for all 3) Hope so

    Also when does everyone start studying for the NCLEX? Like now? (if you graduate in May) I figure I will start now but I was just wondering how everyone else does it too. Our teacher told us to do 25 questions a day...I had been planning for 50-100 a day but maybe I will start off with 25 and see how I feel :-p

    Good luck to everyone.
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Start studying now. Do as many questions as possible and study the rationales. You can't make your appointment until you receive your ATT letter but you can sure start studying now. Good luck.
  4. by   oguesswhat
    Yeah my teacher says apts are taking awhile now. I hope to test by early june but she said it's possible not til July. That's why I applied for everything yesterday (day I got the information) I did start studying today...I did 75 questions woo hoo. Ha It seems like so little...but then when reading every rational (just in case I happened to guess the right answer) it seems like so many!