Shut off at 85 ARGHHHH

  1. Hello everyone i have been reading these messages all day and decided to join!.. i took my NCLEX -PN this am.. I thought i was prepared, but it was HARD.. i felt good about the first half then it got insanly hard.. then at 85 shut off!! i was stunned.. i dont want to fail!! i cried the whole way home cause i feel like i did horribly.. i had NO MATH, a bunch of meds i have never heard of and about 10 select all that apply.. which might i add are NO FUN.. so i left there feeling very discouraged. Any advice while i sulk for the next few days? Jenn
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    Hang in there! Even though most people do feel pretty defeated after the NCLEX, most people do pass. Good luck to you. Check out this sticky in the meantime:
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    Hi Jenni,

    Just to let you know that you are not alone in your feelings. Everyone (or 99%) of people leave the testing center feeling as if they have failed. But keep in mind what Eric said in that the vast majority do pass the first time.

    Also keep in mind that the priority and delegation questions are the high level test questions, which is a good sign. I know it's hard to wait, but follow the link that Eric provided, and I hope that very soon you will have your results.

    Best of luck to you!
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    Quote from jenni06
    i passed!! thank you for ur kind words!!
    congrats!! jenni,rn!! which study method you use? time to go and celebrate
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