Should I moved up my test date so that I can study more?

  1. Hi, I suppose to take the NCLEX on August 14 but moved it up to August 23..I am only at 1700 questions in Saunders..Also, I did about 300 questions from Kaplan and ATI...I do not know what to do? I am scared that I am not prepared for the test...I know that the board told me to take the NCLEX as soon as I can since the passing rate is higher if you take it early..Most of my classmates took the test in July..Our class graduated in late May..What should I do? Please help..I think I will end up doing around 2600 questions from Saunders plus the 300 questions that I did already from ATI and Kaplan...The total questions I did to prepare fo the test would be close to 3000..Do you think that is enough?
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  3. by   FutureUSRN
    It is you and only you who can say if you're ready or not. Aside from performing well in your review, you need to have the confidence and high self-esteem in order to pass and it is only you who can say "I am ready to take the test and pass".
  4. by   groundinghubris
    take a deep breath, relax. test not that bad. questions more related to prioritizing (remember a,b,c's), time management, as opposed to specific disease process or drugs. at least here in tx(and those few were very general and basic). stress will be your biggest enemy for this test. at worst you fail, know what the test is like and retest, but doubt that happens. good luck.