Seriously needing a confidence booster?!?!

  1. I posted a thread on here a few weeks ago that I failed the RN NCLEX for my second time, I was really down (still am) but after reading the advice lots of you gave me and just taking a mental break I decided to attempt the exam for my 3rd time. I haven't set a date yet, probably will re-take it at the end of May or beginning of June...anyway I just got my results in the mail today from the state and it's giving me mixed feelings about the test. The first time I took it I was above passing 1 topic, near passing most, and below passing 3 topics. So I studied my butt off and was doing great on the Kaplan review questions (above 70%) but when I saw my results today it really made me feel down because I was only near passing every topic. I know that might not sound too bad but I should have been atleast passing the same topic I passed the first time around, plus more! I was happy that I wasn't below passing any this time but I really thought I would have done alot better then that considering how much time I spent doing questions and reading material to increase my knowledge base on things. Just as I started to feel alittle better about things and feeling like maybe I can pass this test on my 3rd attempt, I get what I consider to be bad news in the mail!!! I know I need to just keep studying but I just feel like it's not going to do me any good. Have any of you passed this exam on your 2nd or 3rd time when you were only near passing the subjects??? Also, I recently bought the Saunders book, has that helped any of you pass this test?? Because Kaplan didn't help me the 1st or 2nd time so I figured I'd try something else this time. Please just let me know waht you all think because now I'm just really confused...again!!! Thanks =)
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    I passed on my third attempt and using Saunders and learningext. I found this to be the best. I also set out a study plan and kept to it. I studied 2 hours every night (worked full time otherwise would have done 3 hours) and did 4 hours when not working. Any distractions my husband took care of. I just concentrated on answering questions and reading the rationale.

    Although the print out can be useful I would just forget about it and start as if you haven't tested before
  4. by   emeraldprncss01
    I totally feel the same way you do! I took the kaplan course and did the questions in the qbank and ended up getting 265 on the NCLEX and failed. I went home and read the entire Saunders book and re took NCLEX thinking I should do better since I have studied the content. Lo and behold... I was there till 265 again!!
  5. by   caliotter3
    Wishing you good luck when you take the NCLEX again.