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I am taking my NCLEX-RN exam in mid september.I sometimes feel so unmotivated and just don't feel like studying.So I thought of making a thread for people who are going through the same and preparing... Read More

  1. by   Nurseceline2012
    Hello ladies,
    Where can I get that 4000 questions bank?
  2. by   michelios19RN
    Took the NCLEX today. 265 questions full of nursing goodness. I did the Pearson Vue trick and according to it, I passed. Can't wait to get my license number.
  3. by   Indian_rn2b
    Congrats ..You Did it..
    How did you prepare for the test?
  4. by   michelios19RN
    Quote from Indian_rn2b
    Congrats ..You Did it..
    How did you prepare for the test?
    I used the Lippincott book and iPhone app, as well ATI and the ATI review course. I read rationales to my right and wrong answers. I also visualized. I wrote my signature on post it notes with RN after it. I told myself I would be successful even though the last couple days I was doubting. That test was hard. I'm glad it's over. 😊
  5. by   wish_me_luck
    Less than a week to go for me. I have about 7 chapters left in Saunders (doing two more tonight) and then going to do case studies in PDA, study lab values, antidotes, pediatric stages (like when they do certain things like 8 mo. they sit unassisted, 9 mo. pincher grasp, etc.) and Erikson and Piaget, types of fractures, cardiac stuff, diets, respiratory, and emergency. Then review the things I missed.

    I am nervous but excited at the same time. I tell myself that I will be an RN in less than a week (hopefully!!!). I have moments where I don't feel like I'll ever be ready and moments I feel like I can't look at it anymore.
  6. by   bhudgins
    I took my nclex-rn today!! Cut off at 75 questions after an hour and a half. I have like 13 SATA and about 5 order alot of priority and infection control. I thought it was really easy compared to what I have heard!! Got the good pop up too. I will be so happy when I get my actual license!!
  7. by   abbycakesss
    i feel soo unmotivated and exhausted as well :/
  8. by   Indian_rn2b


    You are not alone..Keep pushing yourself come to this website and read other people' s stories and experiences that would help to keep you going
  9. by   down4michelle24
    Quote from bhudgins
    I take mine Sept 5th.... Having some major anxiety about this!!!! LOL
    Good luck September test takers
    Bhudgins , how was the Nclex . You took it yesterday am
    I right ?
  10. by   Indian_rn2b
    Quote from down4michelle24
    Bhudgins , how was the Nclex . You took it yesterday am
    I right ?
    He Passed ..check out his previous post on this page
  11. by   bhudgins
    "she" Thanks everyone!! hope my license will be posted by morning!
  12. by   Anoetos
    I've scheduled to take the test on 9/25 and I am stressing out because I not only have to prepare for a critical care competency exam at work, I also have to move into a new home.

    No, there isn't any other way I could have done it.
  13. by   crios
    I take mine sept 29th. Am sooo nervous and sometimes feeling unmotivated to study! But I am enrolled in virtual ATI which I think is pretty helpful so far and am also using Kaplan books and Lacharity PDA. I hope I'm doing enough! Only thing I'm having trouble with is Kaplan ... Those questions are dang hard! Anyone else havig this issue? I read all their "strategies" on how to dissect and answer the questions but feel like those aren't always correct when answering them. I hope Kaplan is harder than the NCLEX because I answer a lot of those wrong!