saunders review book questions????

  1. now a days i am studying saunders comprehensive review 5ed and solving questions after reviewing every chapter. can anybody here please tell me are those questions are similar to nclex or easy or tough. my scores are 80 to 90%. is it good scores?
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  3. by   Brunoverse
    You have gret scores! Saunders is considered easier than nclex. You should search online for the Kaplan q trainers and take them. Numbers 6&7 are closest to the nclex. Good luck!
  4. by   rosepetals12
    I did the Sanders book too- it was great to review everything and the med chapters are great but I also did the Sanders Questions and Answers book. This book has a health promotion area of 200 questions that is a must- very good. The Sanders book also gives rational with extra info next to question- just cover up this part so you can answer it. I agree, do a Kaplan question CD. I had a friend give me one and it was more like the test. BUT i would do Sanders first to get all info straight in your head then tackle Kaplan. I got 66% on Kaplan tests and passed the NCLEX with 75 questions- HINT: dont get caught up in percents you can do this! ALso very good a delegation book- I had several questions on what pt. I would assess first and who I would assign to the LPN or aide. Good Luck and pray hard
  5. by   rnunic1
    Hi Brunoverse can you get Kaplan question trainers online for free or would u have to pay for it. Im just asking because you made the comment. Thanks
  6. by   BORI-BSNRN
    Quote from Brunoverse
    You have gret scores! Saunders is considered easier than nclex. You should search online for the Kaplan q trainers and take them. Numbers 6&7 are closest to the nclex. Good luck!
    Can we get the Kaplan w trainers for free?!
  7. by   neliztanee
    kaplan q trainer isn't for free but i found a link were you can download it. not sure though if it's updated
  8. by   JustBeachyNurse
    One can gain access to a free assessment and some free practice tests by signing up with Kaplan online. NCSBN (creators of the NCLEX) offers a free NCLEX question if the day as well as a free app for NCLEX style pharm questions if you are looking for free bona fide resources.

    Kaplan q-trainers is a paid service protected by copyright law. Many nursing texts and NCLEX review books include access to online resources at no additional charge as part of purchasing the text.

    I know my med-surg, maternal-child, psych, and pharm texts has hundreds of free practice questions online or for download that you could access for free simply by entering the unique code printed in the front of the text. Sadly few of my classmates took advantage (even when reminded by our instructors ) and needlessly struggled at times.
  9. by   ricksy
    If you are doing those percentages in Saunders you are well prepared. Know content! I did Saunders....passed in 75 questions! The last few days before I did the Prioritization and Delgations book by LaCharity. You will do fine!
  10. by   raj89
    Thanx. But somebody told that saunders is easy as compare to actual nclex.
  11. by   ricksy
    I used it and passed in 75! You passed nursing school....I can't see where people spend all this money after spending it on school!
  12. by   ricksy
    If you don't feel comfortable with Saunders, then do what you gotta do! You will do great!
  13. by   Fumanchuesday
    I used saunders too, did not do an online or in person review... i just did saunders questions from the cd. i did about 50-100 questions a day on my off days for about a month (i work 3-4 days a week). i also did a free kaplan iphone app, which my wife read me questions from every time we got in the car.
    for saunders: i usually scored in the upper 60s% - lower 70s%. i passed the nclex no problem first try, 75 questions.
    for kaplan app: i usually had scores in the low to mid 60s%
  14. by   novicious
    Great scores!