Saunders, Q & A or Comprehensive?

  1. So I think Im' going to invest in a saunders book but I Don't know whether to get the Q & A or the Comprehensive review? Can someone tell me what the difference is between both of these? Or should I Just get both? I don't want something that has content review because I really don't need that. I"d rather have questions only.
    thats the comprehensive reviwe i was looking at... is that all 1264 pages full of questions?
    and theres the Q&A I was looking at. Is that questions only as well?

    If you were to buy only one of the books.. which would you reccomend buying?

    Thanks for all your help!!
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  3. by   Tabbycoley
    if you only want questions than Q &A is the way to go. I used comprehensive review I didn't read the whole thing just the parts that I scored not so well on the CD other than that I've been useing the CD on application (1,899 questions) and analysis (1,849) not to mention if you need more practice there are questions in the book at the ed of every section. The CD also has lower level questions Hope this helps.
  4. by   Ohmygosh
    My school required that we purchase both. In my opinion I prefer the comprehensive because it has a quick review of A&P,pathos and treatment modalities for each section before the actual questions section. I dont like the Q & A because it is all questions with the correct answer already indicated -- doesnt help me when studying -its like looking at a cheat sheet. Plus with the Q & A - the sections of question are all mixed up - you may have an OB question at the top of the page and a question about a cardiac drug next- this drives me crazy. In other words if you want to study one particular area and you are using the Q & A you will have to go through each and every page to find all the questions about the topic you want to study.

    Hope this helps
  5. by   DolphinRN84
    Agree with the above poster Q&A gives you only questions with the answers already there for you. The comprehensive book is excellent for content review. I would definitely choose the comprehensive over the Q&A book, and I had both when i studied!!! Except i gave up on the Q&A because it wasn't working for me. Good luck!!
  6. by   Paleobug
    I have both. I failed the first time using just the Saunder's Q&A book. This time I'm using the Saunder's Comprehensive Review. I Think it is better for content review.
  7. by   luv2shopp85
    I looked at the saunders comprehensive book that my friend has but it was mostly all information and only about 25 questions at the end of each chapter. Where are you guys getting all of these questions from? The CD Rom? Maybe I should just get them both...
  8. by   Quailfeathers
    Our school just gave us Saunders Comprehensive Review Edition 3. The CD Rom has all the questions (although I haven't installed it yet) The book appears to be a helpful review, divided into body systems/disorders/medication.

    I haven't done too much with the book however it looks like a great resource. Our instructors were when the book was given out.
  9. by   luv2shopp85
    How are you guys preparing for the test? My school has us doing 100 questions a week since we just started our senior year in August. Then I believe in Febuary we will be doing 150 questions a week. This is something new that they tried out with last years seniors and it worked incredibly well. So far out of 30 students who took it only one has failed. They are positive the reason everyone is doing so good is the nclex questions they have students doing every week. That is the only possible reason. They never had such a high pass rate ever before. And of course they hvae taught everything the same way for years. The group of studnets who passed were just average kids with some passing by only the skin of their teeth.

    For this reason... is why i want to get a good nclex book to do questions from. Right now I am using lippincotts which seems to be going good but the questions are kind of easy it seems. I want something a little tougher.
  10. by   Ohmygosh
    Wow ...just gave them to you?? Must be nice, I would love to have the money back I have forked out on books. One of my instructors is actual reviewer of the book - we should have gotten a discount! Maybe that smile was a hint to really study from the book
  11. by   Ohmygosh
    My school requires use to do 750 handwritten NCLEX questions with answer and rationales each semester. In addition -- if we flunk a test we are required to attend 2 hours tutoring and write 150 NCLEX questions with answer and rationales within 1 week of receiving the failing grade. And to top that --- if for any reason we miss a clinical -- we are required to write an additional 500 handwritten NCLEX question with answers and rationales due within 1 week of the missed clinical. Needless to say -- I will never miss a clinical even if I have to get someone to drag in my dying body and prop me up in a corner somewhere!!!
  12. by   Quailfeathers
    In preparation for the NCLEX we were told to answer 15,000 by the end of the program; we've just completed the first 6 mo of a 24 mo program, p/t. Naturally all our tests are NCLEX style; I assume that's the same with other programs?

    The school just had us take a ERI PN Cap test that is given nationwide. It's taken by students who have already completed a nursing program, I believe is that administration told us. The north American Average score was 58 and our class average score was 54. Anyone else take the test recently?