Saunders book Nclex-RN Version 4 and 5

  1. I have the Saunders Version 4 book and know there is a version 5 out there now. Is there any differences with the material in the newer version. I was thinking of going out there and purchase it since the Nclex exam has changed. Any thoughts from anyone out there?
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  3. by   caliotter3
    If you can afford it, I would recommend getting the 5th edition. It is supposed to be more in tune with the latest testing version.
  4. by   thecool1Nscrubs2no
    I took my exam in may and I used the 4th. Make sure you hit all the sections of the saunders book(READ)cardio, renal, endo, gi, gu, ob/peds( always study and look for complications AND WHAT YOUR ROLE AS A NUSE WILL DO TO HELP). helps to tie in the grey areas. Do atleast 70 questions a day. Also test yourself on the cd with the select all that apply questions. Know the why to all your answers....what made them right or wrong(RATIONAL). Be able to talk your concepts out loud...tie in disease,medication and questions system by stystem and then like 3 days before you take your exam do the comprehensive test in the back. Two weeks before the exam start doing random questions from all systems on the cd in practice mode. Remember something is going wrong in all the questions on the exam...No good questions. Worry when the labs are on the high end of normal or the low a new nurse. Review THINGS LIKE :CHEST TUBES/chambers, Traction, Positioning of pt, LOCATION OF APICAL PULSE, know how to teach a patient simple procedures inhalers, crutch walking, how the patient can assist when chest tube are being taken out, and what to do if one comes out(BEFORE YOU CALL THE MD). POST OP CARE, PREOPCARE, ANESTHESIA AND PAIN MEDICATION, DM, Teach kids with medical issues. TPN, ISOTONIC, HYPERTONIC, HYPOTONIC SOL. Isolation who can room with who. LEVELS OF PREVENTION....ELDER ABUSE....BE DIRECT WITH THE MENTAL HEALTH PATIENT. ELECTROLYTES...ROLE OF THE NURSE. Delegation. When a float nurse is coming to your floor she or he gets the most stable patient ...doesn't matter how long they may have been a nurse. Remember RN is the one that does admissions and discharges at the nclex hospital because of the teaching...LPNS can only reinforce the teaching. Don't waste your time studying stuff you know really well....most of those questions will not be on your test. NCLEX IS TOUCHING THE GREY AREA....CAN YOU KEEP YOUR PATIENT ALIVE. So attack your questions in that matter. ALWAYS SEE THE PATIENT THAT WILL DIE IF YOU DON'T go to FIRST, WHEN YOU HAVE TO PICK(look for key words and clues BECAUSE THEY ARE THERE). Read slow and pace yourself....focus...EAT A SNACK ONCE YOU REACH THE SITE OF THE TESTING PLACE ALMONDS OR YOGURT AND HALF BOTTLE OF WATER.....THE NIGHT BEFORE RELAX . Answer your questions in a way that will fix the problem and not delay care...nclex doesn't want you to delay care of patient. So what will fix the problem in a safe manner. I hope this helps.....any other questions hit me up. MAKE SURE YOU KNOW SOME TEACHING BEHIDE THE DISEASES, EDUCATION IS A BIG PART OF THE ROLE OF A NURSE. I did about 6 sections a day in the book until time for my I said stuff you feel good skip that. I had a live hurst review before graduation...part of college program(VERY GOOD). You can buy as many books as you want, but its all about knowing the core and the why so that you can apply it and pass. I wish u the best. KEEP POSITIVE.
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