RN test review suggestion needed

  1. Hi, everyone, I am a RN from Taiwan. I am preparing the NCLEX-RN test and looking for suggestion on reviews or books specially in "psychosocial intergrity" area. I've read Mosby's comprehensive review already. Your help is highly appreciated! Have a nice day.
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  3. by   Ahn
    Try "Frye's Nursing Bullets". You will get short pieces of info you need to remember, instead of having to read through a whole chapter. It is worth it's weight in gold!

    Good Luck!
  4. by   Erbn Girl
    I have to highly agree with Ahn! I used Frye's book and it gave the important basics in "bullet" form or short phrases/sentences. It highlights many important issues and will be an excellent adjunct to reviewing for your exam. Good luck in attaining your U.S. license to practice!
  5. by   swoof
    I too am preparing to take the NCLEX (I am from Australia) and am, of course, so nervous. I have found a college in my state, GA, which offers a short (7-10 day) course in NCLEX review but it is very expensive at around $1000. Perhaps there may be a college around your area. I appreciate the hints on Fryes book..I will definately give it a go. Goodluck ruthliu..i am sure we will be fine. Scared, but fine!
  6. by   Trauma
    I would buy the Lipincott's NCLEX review. That is what I studied and didnt take the review and I passed. But, it all depends on how strong you study and how serious you are about passing it. Remember that the NCLEX is testing minimal knowledge of nursing, so don't stress over specific details just study the major aspects of nursing.
  7. by   matokokepa
    all good suggestions i bought all the incredibly easy series and they helped me.....also had the cd's which i did each night their cd's are fun and interesting to learn with
  8. by   Lemonesse
    saunders is a good book to review the nursing contents..

    davis Q&A is a good book for practice questions and it has a cd that comes with it..

    La Charity book is a must..

  9. by   xoxox
    I have the saunders comprehensive review book, and it helps you a lot on the content area.. and psychosocial too is in bulk.. =]

    Best of luck to all of us!
  10. by   caliotter3
    It has been 11 years, hope the OP has been practicing happily all this time.