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  1. Well just got my results I failed. I don't know what I am doing wrong ? I studied Saunders did all the question , can someone please help! I am so hurt right now I don't know what to to with myself. I am home alone my husband is TDY, we are military won't be back until end of the month. I'm here alone in NM family is on the other side of the world. Just feeling a little lonely.Please can anyone give me any advice about studying??? Thanks for listening to me vent .
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  3. by   Bambury
    I'm so sorry to hear that Sharon!

    I'm sure saying this doesn't help much, but things like nclex are a minor bumps in life. I'd be happier to have a nurse who tries hard and knows more though they fail on paper, than one that can ace their exams at first try without any sweat poured over. This will be another opportunity for you to study and therefore know more. You'll eventually be a nurse, but one that tried harder, and so cherishes her profession more than most, because it came by hard work. I'm sure your celebration will be sweeter for it then! Also, I think God uses things like this to give us a priceless gift: humility! I find that those I admire most, know a lot and are good at what they do, have this humble aura about them that puts pride to shame!

    Eventually you'll be all the above: a nurse, more understanding of others who feel sad for one reason or another (because you will have been there), knowing more stuff of your trade, and also humble! That'll make you one in a million!
  4. by   Tony35NYC
    Since you already have the Saunders study materials I suggest you get hooked up with Suzanne. She uses Saunders with her students and she said they do well on the exam. Maybe she can help you, too.
  5. by   whiskeygirl
    Also remember that this test doesn't tell you how wonderful of a nurse you will be. It mearely says how well you did at taking a test at that moment!
    I would bet that very few people actually give up all together and just find a different career because of failing the NCLEX.
    Consider this, you are now experienced. You have some idea as to what questions you'll get- what they look like, how they are worded, general topics, etc.
    Do you have test anxiety? Maybe a light anti-anxiety would help. A friend, who is a wonderful nurse, failed 2x. Took an antianxiety and passed the 3rd time.
    Take heart that while you didn't pass this go around, the statistics are in your favor for passing the next time.
  6. by   jacee
    Brnsugar, I know how you feel, I'm studying for the second round myself. Like someone said, pm suzanne w/your email address, don't post it here. she'll send you some good info to help you get started. Also, there's a book in the stores made by Kaplan on NCLEX test taking strategies. It's an easy read & some of the strategies helped me alot, especially when it came to breaking down the practice questions. Hope this help some.
  7. by   BlessedbyGod
    Hello, I just wanted you to know that you are in my prayers. I am wishing the best for you the second time around. Keep yourself together and reevaluate your strategy and just know that for sure your going to pull thru the next time.

    I'm Pulling for you!
  8. by   brnsugar61
    I want to thank everyone for their support it means a lot. Thanks for your words of wisdom, you guys are really incrediable and I am so glad I found this site. Thanks again.