Restudying for the NCLEX

  1. Hello all, it's been about two years since I have studied for anything (nursing wise). I was denied for the NCLEX more than a year ago, and want to be able to study soon, because I feel that they will allow me for testing this year.

    So my question for everyone who had to wait a while before testing is, what online study program did you use to review everything that you forgot about? I know about kaplan and UWorld, but I'm not really looking for multiple choice reviewing, more like relearning diseases, interventions, processes, etc.

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  3. by   AlexaGrey
    I went over Saunders comprehensive review for nclex rn and read every chapter, I know it may seem overwhelming but it really did help me a lot. The book came with qbank online. I know there are some refresher courses that you can take, Hurst review goes back with content, check them out.
  4. by   OdameaRN
    Even though the gap was only 2 months for me, I am going to second the Saunders Comprehensive Review for studying for the NCLEX. The simple truth is that trying to restudy a lot of this stuff from your textbooks is overwhelming and honestly unnecessary. The Saunders Review for me broke the topics down so I understood exactly what I needed to know. The other thing I did was to practice between 50-100 questions everyday. And I read rationales whether I got the question right or not. I say skip the textbooks and focus on the NCLEX Review.
  5. by   hiimanurse
    Thanks guys! Super helpful comments. I was gonna do Saunders, but also wanted something else to help do a more focused review on the different systems and their diseases. Will look into hurst.
  6. by   nursecat84
    I did a live review, a video review-Remar Review and Uworld.
  7. by   2016srnfcc
    did you feel like remar vids help?
  8. by   nursecat84
    Her DVD program+Quick facts+ FB reviews helped me review content
  9. by   hiimanurse
    Thanks for the replies guys! I'll also look into remar!
  10. by   julsca
    I used uworld. the rationales brought be back to the content. Kaplan didn't really do much of that but the questiosn are good. I wasn't much of a fan though because I understand a bit better with images and uworld had that.

    I have the textbooks they are referring too as well. I would also use youtube. I've used the kaplan basics book and nclex review a few times. I mostly have been sticking to uworld content though.
  11. by   AlchemistRN
    Took the NCLEX 3 1/2 years after school. I used the Saunders book plus online qbank, NCLEX mastery app which is great for SATA, and I found some Kaplan qbank questions + the readiness test on Quizlet I used to practice.