Repeat test taker finally passed with 75

  1. Hello all!

    I haven’t been on here in a while for various reasons but that’s not why you decided to click on my thread so I’ll just jump right in!


    Yes I am a repeat test taker and also 3 years out from nursing school graduation! I had everything working against me to reach this point and I’m honestly still in shock. I really can not believe that I can finally say I am a registered nurse omg! Unofficially of course since I just got my results last night.

    So let’s get to the preparation. I used Kaplan, feuer review and u world, along with other various books like the PDA, a little of Saunders and remar review.

    I graduated from nursing school June of 2014 and didn’t take my first exam until that December. I waited so long because I couldn’t afford to pay for the test and state application fees and unfortunately I failed because I really didn’t go into the exam fully prepared. I only use old editions of NCLEX study books and the Kaplan review my school had us purchased. I just did questions ( not that many) and failed with 265.

    Next I took the NCLEX again in September of 2015 and used hurst review (a great review) with some questions I found online and failed again with 265. I felt defeated and didn’t want to look at another thing concerning NCLEX.

    My current job was hiring for a nurse position the following year and I found the courage to want to study and attempt to take my NCLEX for the third time. My mom suffered from a stroke and so I couldn’t seem to focus on anything but her and her recovery so I put off my studying for that year and didn’t return back until the end of last year into this year.

    I purchased the Kaplan review course, which I realized was probably a mistake because I needed to start with a content based review first, and then could’ve did Kaplan so I looked into feuer review. I highly recommend this review for repeat, international and even first time test takers. I also utilized the Kaplan qbank before looking into uworld.

    For a good two months I reviewed my feuer study book, did questions from Kaplan’s qbank and when I ran out of questions from there I migrated to u world. I went into the NCLEX more confident then my first two exams, took my test and 3 1/2 hours 75 questions later came out more confused as though I failed. There was no way it shut down at 75 and I passed, there was no way. I was too scared to do the PVT so I waited the two days to get my quick results (thank god they are available where I live) as though I was going to throw up every hour and finally seen that beautiful word PASS!

    Thank you you all for reading my story and good luck to all taking your exams. Believe in yourself and trust me if I could do it, so could all of you!

    Sorry for the long post but it’s been a long time coming lol
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  3. by   DaniTheEnchanted
    Thank you for the post!
  4. by   junurse10m
    Congraturations!! It's been a while sicnce I graduated the nursing program. I need a good content review. How's feuer review? Can you plz tell me where I can get it? I am taking it next month.
  5. by   Hadassah16
    Congrats on a job well done.