Reapplying to take nclex in CA. How long does it take to get ATT after paying on Pearson?

  1. I recently took my nclex and did not pass it. I resubmitted my application to take the nclex again the day I found out I did not pass. I paid for Pearson because I had heard from some of my friends that they got their ATT quicker that way. I am in the state of California. How long does it normally take to get the ATT. I want to schedule my test as soon as possible after my 45 days and do not want a test date to get filled up. Please let me know if anyone knows.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
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  4. by   Alexxj10
    Hi! I failed my first time, and had to reschedule to retake.
    It took mine about one month to receive my ATT. But it all depends on where they're at with their processing times. California takes forever lol.
    Hope this helps. Good luck!
  5. by   PearlRN7
    Thank you. Did you end up paying for your test on Pearson right away or did you wait for the brn to send you the okay and mail you the paper before you paid for the test on pearson? Did you end up also taking the nclex again already?
  6. by   Alexxj10
    I think I paid for mine a week or so after I got my letter that I failed. But it still took awhile to receive my att. /:
  7. by   Alexxj10
    I'm taking my nclex August 22nd. So I'm studying my butt off right now lol
  8. by   PearlRN7
    Do you have an idea of how long it took you to get your ATT? when did you take your nclex first time around? How are you studying for your nclex second time?
  9. by   Alexxj10
    Quote from nursePatty1234
    Do you have an idea of how long it took you to get your ATT? when did you take your nclex first time around? How are you studying for your nclex second time?

    I took it the first time on March 20th. Didn't receive my att until May 24th. I scheduled my retake so far out because I'm scared to fail again lol.
    ive been using Uworld and Remar Review. It's so simple and easy to use. Straight to the point and she tells you exactly what you need to know. Nothing extra.
  10. by   PearlRN7
    so it took them like a month to process your application after reapplying? I am using uworld also. is Remar review pretty similar to uworld? How did you study the first time around and how long did you study?
  11. by   Alexxj10
    Yeah I believe it was around a month or so. I wasnt focused on how long it would take to receive my att since I wanted more time to study. Did you pay on your breeze account also? Because you have to pay for Pearson and breeze.
    I find the quick facts remar goes well with Uworld. Its easy to understand.
    I crammed my first time, but this second time I've taken my time with it. I'm better at critical thinking now and understand the questions more.
  12. by   PearlRN7
    Yes I paid for the reapplication fee which was $250 and the exam fee on pearson which was $200. I am really praying and hoping I get my ATT soon because my dream job starts soon and I know I can pass my nclex this time around.
  13. by   MHHNURSE
    Yeah so this happened to me this yr and I'm in California. It will most likely take you 2 months to get cleared. I reapplied the day I got my fail letter (exactly 1 week after my test day) and the next morning I paid for pearsonvue. It took maybe one day short of 2 months to get cleared and receive my ATT. Hopefully thats enough time for you!
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  14. by   PearlRN7
    oh wow! 2 months is a long time. Do you know if there is anything I can do to speed up the process? I took my nclex July 23 and my 45 days will be Sept 6. My dream job starts September 17 I am really hoping and praying for a miracle! I heard that I could file a complaint with the Department of Consumer affairs (DCA) after the 45 days is up because the BRN is under them so they have to investigate all conplaints. I read on some posts people were in the same situation as me and they made a complaint on the 46th day about how they needed the BRN to process their application because that had a pending job offer and it was crucial that they take this exam again and they got a call from the DCA and was able to schedule their exam a few days later. I think I will try this because I am so desperate.