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I am taking the NCLEX in MI next week. Do I pay for the quick results or just try the pearson trick? How long do I have to wait to do either?... Read More

  1. by   cleona
    I passed cgfns.Praise be to God!I'm waiting for my nclex result..
  2. by   kssapna33
    hi all

    i just got my result today, four of my friends and i did the pearson trick,and we all had 75 questions and we all passed.i think the trick was true for 4 of us and i wish you all luck and hopeful you all pass.
  3. by   wNt2bRN
    Quote from CrufflerJJ
    I did both the Pearson Trick, plus the $8 Quick Results. I'd say spend the $8 for a little extra peace of mind.

    how do u do the quick result 8$?.
  4. by   kssapna33
    I am in CA, CA does not participate with quick results but from what I understand is you call or email and they let you know the results, good luck
  5. by   lily909
    how about if you applied in california but you took the test in NY? Will i able to know within 48 hours? Thanks
  6. by   Silverdragon102
    If you sit the exam for CA doesn't matter where you are in the country if the state participates in quick results then you can access them after 48 hours. CA doesn't so you will have to wait 3 days to 4 weeks depending whether RN or LVN
  7. by   no2ndchs
    My daughter tool the NCLEX on December 30th, 2009. We have been anxiously awaiting the scores (more me than her as i know her hand will be out of my pocket soon). We both have read the blogs about the Pearson trick. Of course we had to try it and of course we got the "You cant register contact your State Board". I was very skeptical about the trick, however she received the results today and PASSED!!!! I am so proud of her. I dont know if I should tell everyone that the trick is valid, hopwever in her case it was. Good luck to all of you still waiting!!!
  8. by   Kiki1225
    Hi, I took the test yesterday and the computer shut off on 75. They gave me so many "select all that apply" I thought I was going to puke. The questions were getting harder and harder.I also got plenty med questions. I walked out of there feeling like I failed. Im prepared for the news thats how horrible it was. However, my friend told me to try the trick and I did and according to the trick I passed. I got the pop up. Well I will know for sure tomorrow. I hope this trick really is true. I hate waiting.
  9. by   kssapna33
    You will pass, positive thoughts.You will be in my prayers.Good luck
  10. by   RunnerNurse09
    Did everyone get their results within 48 hrs? I took mine Mon, Feb 15th at 2pm, and its now after 2pm on Weds and it still says results not available. I did the trick and got the "good" pop up, and had only 75 quests and felt good, so I am pretty sure I passed. It just helps when you see it. I called the NCLEX number and the guy said sometimes it takes longer than 48 hrs and to try tonight, but I will be trying all day. I have to let my employer know...
  11. by   RunnerNurse09
    Nevermind I just got them....and I PASSED!!!! WHooooHOOO!
  12. by   Ms. RN
    I know I am extra late but I took my NCLEX RN today and I tried the trick. If it is correct that means passed based on the message that I got. We shall see! I will repost when I find out. In my state we can get the results in two days.
  13. by   Ms. RN
    I passed, I passed the pearsonvue trick works