PVT works!

  1. It took NCLEX-RN Saturday, January 4th. The exam shut off after 119 questions and I was sure that I had failed. Like many others, I cried and panicked all the way home. The 1 hour drive between the test center and my house was brutal! I had heard of the Pearson Vue trick and tried it as soon as I got home. The status indicated that the results had been sent, from what I understand that is crucial. I immediately got the "good pop-up". I tried it again at least 10 times during the next 36 hours and each time I got the "good pop-up". I just confirmed this morning on my state's department of health website that I did pass the exam! The test is very hard, but the best advice I can give you is to do as many questions as possible. I recommend at least 5000. It truly does help you not only to be more confident going in to the test, but it trains your brain to pull information out of those deep recesses of your brain; information from like 2-3 semesters ago! Good luck everyone, hard work does pay off!
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  3. by   2013rn2BScorpio
  4. by   redseven
    great job! Congratulations to you Can you share resources and how long have you prepared for nclex rn?
  5. by   ahickman2
    I also took NCLEX RN on Saturday, got the good pop up, paid for the unofficial results today and found out I passed!
  6. by   2013RNgrad
    I took mine Sat too. Still no results. PvT had good pop up. Still want to see "pass"
  7. by   Hadassah16
    Congratulations to everyone of you. I am so proud of you'll and you're my inspiration.
  8. by   Jaykalkyn, BSN, RN
    When you say the exam is hard, is it the material or the amount of material? I have an accounting degree and took the CPA exam once and it was hard, mainly because of the sheer amount of material. I wonder if its the same kind of hard. I begin nursing school this month.
  9. by   Saadia79
    Congrat ......... I took the test Tuesday 1/7 at 10am got 75q then it shut off. a bunch of SATA , HOT SPOTS and DROP AND DRAGS. did the pearson vue trick got the good popup. But nothing on the PA BON yet. Im dying
  10. by   JenniferCrismon
    I took the Nclex Rn yesterday...got all 265 questions...I was hysterical by the time I got to car and got home (2 hour drive).....I have been getting the good pop up.....I am a nervous wreck, Should be able to get some results on the BON tomorrow morning...I am praying that the "trick" works
  11. by   JenniferCrismon
    I passed!!!
  12. by   hiwo
    Congrats! I am foreign student & planning to take my nclex here in USA...so, need help about the study guid which is you guys used & any advice pls. Thank you