Pvt-No pop up but passed!!!

  1. I took the test on October 4th 2017. Did 127 questions, thought I didn't terrible. I could barely understand half the material and took the best educated guesses on more than half. Mostly got select all that apply questions. Came home and waited 8 hours and did the trick. Didn't get the pop up and it wanted to take the payment. Tried it the next two days and got the same result.. Grieved for those two days and cried until my name popped up on the website stating I was licensed!!! The trick might work 99% of the time but I'm proof of that other 1% that it didn't work. DONT GET DISCOURAGE IF YOU DONT GET THE POP UP!
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  3. by   LuvCash
    Congrats! What did you use to study?
  4. by   hopefulRN'17
    Did you actually hit submit for it to attempt to take your payment, or did you stop just prior to it??
  5. by   Extra Pickles
    I wonder what pop up it is you were waiting for? You said you got a message that it wanted to take your payment, that is the message everyone gets and you are supposed to try to submit payment. The pop-up you should have been looking for would have been AFTER you pressed submit and all of your credit card information was sent to Pearson VUE. Sounds like you didn't do any of that.