Problem with NCLEX CD-ROM....HELP!

  1. I purchased Princeton Review NCLEX-RN and I can't get the CD to run. It ran on Windows ME, but now that I have XP, it doesn't. Has anyone had this problem? I emailed PR with no response as of yet.

    Any tips?

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  3. by   opalmRN
    Please don't take this the wrong way but is this CD, designed to run in XP?
    I have several programs at home that absolutely will not run in XP, so I have to use them on my daughters computer.

    The other thing you can do is try to manually run it from the start menu.

    Sorry I can't be of more help, I hope you can get this resolved.
  4. by   emily_mom
    I don't doesn't say! That's the first thing I thought, but it just says for Windows you need a 2x CD-ROM drive, 8 MB RAM with 18 RAM free. So that's not it.

    I just bought the *&^(% thing....grrrr.....and the store won't take it back b/c the CD is opened. They have no more in stock.

    This makes me so crabby.... sweat. I've tried to manually run it too.

  5. by   Nurse2BinNC
    Kristy, I have also had problems getting some of my programs to run in XP. But I have found that if I go into your help and support menu, There is a section for trouble shooting problems, one of the options is "programs won't run in XP, but worked in previous versions" I takes you step by step through how to get your programs to work. My Digital camera would not work on XP at all and the manufactor of the camera said that it was not compatible with XP, but I ran the program thru the trouble shooter and it works now. It may not work for you, but maybe it is worth looking into.
  6. by   emily_mom
    THANK YOU!!! Will try it when I get home from work today!

  7. by   peaceful2100
    It could be because of XP. I got rid of XP because it was causing me so many problems as far as compatability is concerned it was beginning to be a headache for me. So I gave my XP away.
  8. by   Mkue
    I'm using XP to run Saunders and Mosby's.
  9. by   emily_mom
    Haven't had time to play with it yet, so I'll let ya know if that works. Makes me mad that I can't return or exchange...
  10. by   Jennerizer
    If it isn't a new program, then most likely it won't run in XP.
  11. by   emily_mom
    I don't have a problem with any of my other CDs though.
  12. by   emily_mom
    Tammy, I tried using that troubleshooter to no avail. It will install it and it starts, but then all of these stupid run errors show up. I can cancel out of some, but then a script error shows up and I can't do anything but quit the program.

    That's one thing I hate about XP...all these stupid bug errors and stuff that pop up on web pages...anyone have this problem too?

  13. by   imeejon
    From the running requirements you listed it sounds like a very old version.CDs are 52x these days.
    Why don't you try to find PR online and see if there is a free download available to update your program?
    Otherwise,try the microsoft online help.

    On the subject of NCLEX-RN.In the UK we cannot get hold of any information about the exam standards/content etc except from 2 new(expensive) US owned review centers just opened in London(England),together with a new exam center.
    Any advice appreciated,because as soon as I graduate and get my UK licence this December, I intend joining you guys!
    I need to get review stuff and past papers if they are available somewhere.
  14. by   emily_mom
    imeejon, check out or and do a "nclex-rn" search. You should be able to find lots of review stuff. Also, try a search online. There are many sites that are offering online review courses.

    Those are the minimum requirements for this CD.