1. I'm taking Nclex on June 8th and appreciate any good vibes you can send my way! Prayers appreciated for this very stressful day! Thanks you all....:spin:
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  3. by   RachelLeeRN
    Hi!! Im wishing you lots of luck and prayers. I myself am testing next week too (6th of June) and I know how you are feeling!

    We can do this. I think it's important to keep a clear head, positive attitude....and let the right answers flow from our finger tips!!!

    You should do something relaxing the day before. I am going to study every day up until the day before. Then the day before Im not studying at ALL... and I am going to get a massage and treat myself!!!!

    When did you graduate nursing school? I graduated the end of April. Most everyone in my class is waiting till july to test. I feel all alone!! BUT I know myself. I will procrastinate if I wait...
  4. by   ******guest******
    Thanks Good luck to you, I'll be sending good thoughts your way! I graduated May 5th...I was either going to test on June 8th or thr 14th, but I'm leaving for Spain for 2 weeks on June 14th at night, so I figured that might not be the best idea So far 2 people have taken the test since we graduated that I know of, and 1 passed and the other failed. I'm trying to stay positive. Off to study some more....once again--GOOD LUCK !
  5. by   groettger
    I am taking mine June 6th too. Nervous, but keep remembering that 88% pass. Trying to minimize the test anxiety, I will also not be studying for the test June 5th. I'm going to be in a hammock by the river with a beer or two. Good luck to you and everyone else going through the stress of a lifetime.
  6. by   heartanimal
    I understand how you feel I take the test on June 7