pn review books, which is more up to date?

  1. I'm soo confused about which review book to purchase, they all seem to have something the others don't. I know the nclex changes from time to time and I'd like to get a book the reflects the latest changes. Can any one provide me with insite on which is the best review book to purchase. I would also like material that covers medications and lab values. Soo desperate, like soo many people I want to pass on the first attempt. ANY INFORMATION WOULD SOO BE APPRECIATED!!!!!
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  3. by   caliotter3
    The best book for Joan might not be the best book for you. To find the most up to date, assuming that the publication date reflects this, look inside the book on the back of the title page for the book that has the publication date nearest to the present date. While you are at it, page through the book to see if it would look right for you. Most people choose Saunders Comprehensive Review.
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    Latest Saunders comprehensive should fit the bill
  5. by   BRYTTANI18
    I'm using Lippincott.. the lastest edition for 2009 just came out on May 1st
  6. by   new2life
    Thank you all<<<<< I have saunders 3rd edition, would I be safer to purchase the 4th edition? Has any one heard good things about exam cram or prentice hall?